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[edit] Debian Java Track at DebConf 10

See DebConf10/Tracks for information about other tracks.

Here are the currently submitted talks for the track, just by title (to respect the privacy of the authors).

A few talks were requested by the Track organizer who has added extra information regarding the speaker and the subject matter (when the penta submission was lacking more information).

If you have anything to add feel free to do so if you're not the original author. If you're the original author, your penta entry before the talk deadline is the preferred location for such edits.

Please note: track talks will go through the regular submission process as regular talks. Talks that were requested or fall within a particular track still have to measure up to the usual standards of quality of DebConf.

(the ordering is subject to change but it is a possible scheduling for the track)

  • Debian-Java BoF Session.
  • Debian-java policy changes: the relation between Free Software and Java had a rocky beginning since RMS "The Java Trap" article. Debian used to have a fairly complex Java policy that is slowly unwinding itself with the advent of OpenJDK. There have been a number of recent changes to the policy and there are discussions for more upcoming changes. The speaker is a long-term Debian-Java contributor and he has been kind enough to volunteer to talk about this hot topic.
  • Packaging with javahelper: the Java world relies in a number of tools and methodologies that diverge from its *nix counterparts. Successful packaging and library tracking for Java applications within Debian require marrying both worlds: Meet the javahelper tools, an ongoing effort to get Java apps within Debian The Right Way. The speaker is a long-term Debian-Java contributor and the author and maintainer of javahelper. This talk has a clear video streaming and archiving value as we can use it to refer newcomers to it later on.
  • The Java Packaging Nightmare: last time I spoke with the author, he might either address worse case scenarios in Java packing or focusing on Maven and Debian, a subject of great interest to Debian-Java as more and more libraries and applications are moving to Maven as their overall build philosophy and process. The speaker is a long-term Debian-Java contributor and one of our most involved mentors to new members. Update: talk submitted --Bollin 16:03, 2 May 2010 (UTC)
  • A battle cry for a system-level JVM in Debian
  • The Free Java Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Introduction to clojure
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