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So you want to help the videoteam?


[edit] Production

Each session needs people to fill the following roles:

  • Vision mixer
  • Audio mixer
  • Camera operator (2)
  • Moderators (which are actually part of the OrgaTeam)

Sign up on Pentabarf.

We also need someone to monitor the video streams at a dedicated computer throughout the day, letting the production team know through IRC (#debconf-video).

[edit] Cheat sheets

Quick instructions to get you started:

[edit] Reviewing

This page explains the Reviewing workflow which is done through Pentabarf. Talk to h01ger if you want access to this.

[edit] Team members

Name IRC nick Arrive Depart tshirt-size
Holger Levsen h01ger 16/7 (?) 31/7 L
Ben Hutchings Womble2 18/7 31/7 M
Wouter Verhelst Yoe  ?  ?  ?
Kurt Roeckx Q 16/7 31/7 XL
Andrew McMillan karora  ?  ? L
Miguel Gea Milvaques xerakko 23/7 31/7 XXL
UlisesVitulli dererk 19/7 XXL
Peter De Schrijver p2 18/7 31/7 L
Amaya Rodrigo amaya 16/7 (?) 31/7 M
Frank Lin PIAT franklin  ? 30 or 31/7 L
Tomás González Dowling Comtom 16/07 31/07 M
Jörg Jaspert Ganneff 16/07 31/07 XXL
Juan Andrés Gimeno Crespo zara 23/07 31/07 M
Damyan Ivanov dam 16/07 31/07 L
Anto Recio Anto 16/7 31/7 M
Philip Hands fil 15/7 31/7 L
Safir Secerovic sapphire 19/7 31/7 XXL
Tiago Bortoletto Vaz tiagovaz 19/7 31/7 L
Martin Zobel-Helas zobel 18/7 28/7 L
Jonathan Dupart Jon--- 23/7 31/7 M
Pablo Castellano pablog 16/7 31/7 M
Axel Beckert XTaran 16/7 28/7 L
Patrick Bueker bluepup 23/7 31/7 L
Adnan Hodzic AbsintheSyringe 22/7 31/7 L
Daniel Glassey glasseyes 23/7 31/7 M
Judit Foglszinger urbec 23/7 31/7 XXL
Gaudenz Steinlin gaudenz S
Per Andersson avtobiff L
Hedvig Kamp sallesao XS
Nico Golde nion 23/7 31/7 L
Jan C. Nordholz hesso 23/7 31/7 L
Eddy Petrișor eddyp 30/7 XL
Jonathan Carter highvoltage 30/7 XL
add your details above and tell Ganneff or sgran in irc to add your volunteer rights in pentabarf

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