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[edit] Reviewing Recordings

The recordings will be availabe at a remote filesystem (barney) that must be mounted by everyone who aims to be a reviewer.

Make sure you have nfs-common installed, or it will fail with a weird error.

 # mkdir /video
 # mount -o vers=3 -t nfs /video

You have to review the dv files using the wired lan, for reviewing the lower quality videos wlan might be ok, but lan is obviously faster.

Then follow the workflow in penta explained below.

[edit] Possible Ratings

These are the possibilities for rating recordings and transcoded files at pentabarf.

X Unchecked file
A File is valid (player reports no errors) and audio and video are excellent
B File is valid (player reports no errors) and audio and video are good
C File is valid (player reports no errors) but audio or video is poor
F File is invalid (player reports errors) or audio or video is unacceptable
D File is invalid and should be deleted

[edit] Editing times

If you enter a time as two numbers separated by a colon they are interpreted as hours and minutes, not minutes and seconds! Always enter hours:minutes:seconds.

[edit] Pentabarf Workflow

Every new recording produced will be shown at pentabarf list of recordings.

Go to penta and follow the workflow below to rate the quality of the recordings and mark them to be used or discarded.

Review the dv files first, then the encoded archive versions, then low quality encoding, then high quality encodings.


[edit] Known Bugs

[edit] Other Penta links

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