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[edit] Setup & Checks

[edit] Setting Up the Mixer

If everything is crap you really need to get hold of Q or ask for help at the irc channel to get the mixers back to a sane setting. Hopefully this won't be needed, because I, for one, hate the sight of blood!

[edit] Pre-day Checks

For the first talk of the day check that:

  • check the main output is muted
  • turn on phantom power
  • check the power speakers are on and bring up the main output
  • check each of the mics work
  • check the levels are sane
  • check the mix is getting to the camera
  • check the levels of the mix at the camera are good
  • turn the ambient mix up to 0, unmute it and confirm you can hear discussion in the room
    • listen to the appropriate bus on the mixer
    • listen on the stream itself

[edit] Pre-talk Checks

  • check each mic is working
  • confirm the levels are OK
  • confirm the mix is getting to the camera
  • check the batteries are not running low
    • low battery will show a red light on the speaker mic
  • run a sound check with the speaker

[edit] Post-talk Checks

  • Turn down the main mix
  • Mute all channels
  • Check all mics are turned off (including the speaker mics)

[edit] Specific mixers

[edit] See also

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