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DC8-Behringer-rear-1.jpg Rear View
At the left are the power plug, power switch and phantom power switch. Do not switch phantom power on or off unless the microphone channels are muted and the main output is turned down. Important: when powering off the mixer at the end of a day, before turning it off, unplug the main output to audio from the mixer, otherwise you'll hear huge noise on the main speakers. This cable will be labeled as "AUDIO UPSTREAM".

DC8-Behringer-controls-1.jpg Controls View
  1. The mix controls are highlighted at the left. The mute button is above each slider with small buttons controlling which mixer bus that channel will be included in.
  2. The sub mixer levels can be seen highlighted in blue. These will control the mix to the stream.
  3. The main mixer levels can be seen highlighted in green. These will control the mix to the room.
  4. The buttons above the sub mixer which are highlighted in red should not be pressed. These would send the sub mix into the main mix, which we don't want. Loud squealing is likely to ensue if they are pressed!
  5. The microphones sliders are identified by tapes types and/or colors. The tape on the mixer will be the same as the tape on the microphone.
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