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[edit] Laundry Coordination Page

Those who need to do their laundry at some point during debcamp/debconf should write down their name of this page to get in touch with the others so that you can buy a box of soap and a bottle of softener together.

A rough estimate of the cost of soap and box (FIXME: how many servings can be done with a "regular" box and bottle of each?) is 7€.

I have bought a bottle of washing machine detergent (liquid). It says it can serve ~22 laundries. I can give people dergent at 0.20€ per serving. No softener included, not sure if it is needed, but I think I can get without one. You just need to catch me somewhere. --dam

[edit] Names list for Diego Muñoz Torrero

  • Damyan Ivanov (dam, on irc://
  • Jelmer Vernooij ( jelmer on OFTC)
  • Paul Wise (pabs)
  • Vagrant Cascadian (vagrantc on irc)
  • Jimmy Kaplowitz (Hydroxide)
  • Roland Mas (Lo-lan-do)
  • next DPL (Zack) and his naked bodyguard (Gismo)
  • Nicolas François (nekral)
  • Noèl Köthe (noel)
  • Tomás Gonzalez Dowling (Comtom)
  • Sha Liu (ShaLiu on irc)
  • Add your name here, if your room is at Diego Muñoz Torrero

[edit] Name list for Francisco de Sande


  • Lionel Elie Mamane
  • Miguel Telleria
  • Add your name here, if your room is at Francisco de Sande

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