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[edit] Instructions for operating the washing machines

Washing machines operate with tokens that you can get from the vending machine just left of the Front Desk. The 3rd row of buttons is for a washing machine which is not operational.

After obtaining a token, follow the signs to the laundry in the basement. The two mashines in the left are the washing machines. The middle one is out of order. The two at the right are drying machines (free of charge).

Note: There are two size of coins: the small coin can be use in the "white" washing machine, the larger tokens can be used in the "grey" washing machines.

  1. Make sure all of the buttons on the front are not pressed down.
  2. Do not touch the yellow button with the key symbol before the washing is over or you will lose your token.
  3. Put your laundry in the washing machine and close the door.
  4. Put suitable amount of washing detergent in the big left camera (the small cameras look unused, touch carefuly).
  5. Put the token in the slot. The green light must become lit.
  6. Check if the program selectors match your desires. Typical washing is in when the program selector points at 3 o'clock.
  7. Check if the centrifuge selector matches your clothes. The lowest value is suitable for all kinds of clothes and drains the water out sufficiently well (you have a dryer after the washing is complete).
  8. Push the green I/O button. Washing starts.
  9. Digital display shows the temperature, then changes to displaying the time remaining. Typical washing takes about an hour.
  10. When the washing is done, push the yellow button with the key symbol. The door opens. You may now dry your laundry.

[edit] Instructions for operating the dryers

  1. press the yellow button to open the door. Put your laundry in. Close the door.
  2. Select your drying program.
  3. Press the green I/O button. Drying starts. After some time a digital display shows how many tens of minutes remain until finishing. Drying takes about an hour.
  4. When the program is done, push the yellow button again to open the door.

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