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The first guests can arrive to the residence on July, 23rd (not before).


[edit] General information


Colegio Mayor "Francisco de Sande"
Callejon Pereros, 2

Opening time:

The residence is opened from 08:30 to 24:00 (please avoid coming back later, but you can ring the guard)

[edit] Rooms

The room are scattered all over that old building. The "numbering" scheme is based on the corridor to which the room is connected.

Ground floor (Planta Baja):

  • Piso R (rooms R1 to R3)

First Floor (Planta Primera):

  • Piso A (rooms A1 to A4)
  • Piso B (rooms B1 to B6)
  • Piso C (rooms C1 to C5)
  • Piso D (rooms D1 to D5)
  • Piso S (rooms S1 to S3)
  • Piso T (rooms T1 to T3)

Second floor (Planta Segunda):

  • Piso E (rooms E1 to E5)
  • Piso F (rooms F1 to F5)
  • Piso G (rooms G1, G2 and G4)

The actual room allocation is:

[edit] Bathroom:

  • towels and blankets are provided
  • soap and shampoo are not provided.

The rooms are cleaned daily, but you need to do your bed your self.

[edit] Keys

  • There is one key per room (i.e not one key per person)
  • You MUST leave the key at reception when you go out.

[edit] Food, drinks, etc.

If you want, you can have your breakfast at FdS.

  • 08:15 => 9h00 (it's free)

The other meals are served at Diego Muñoz Torrero (see DebConf9/Welcome page).

There are some vending machines with coffee, etc.

[edit] Laundry

The residence has a laundry. We are allowed to use their machines (for free).

  • Price: free
  • Where: ground floor
  • When: use it in the morning
  • dryer: yes, free
  • Soap: not provided (see LaundryCoordination‎ to buy soap...)
  • Softener: not provided

[edit] Nearby Shop

There is a grocery shop nearby. There are also a few other shops near the roundabout on the way to Diego Muñoz Torrero.

[edit] Networking

There are 4 wireless network available:

  1. dc9_fds (without encryption)
  2. fdebconf_wpa (key = "debconf9")
  3. tdebconf_wpa (key = "debconf9")
  4. There is also a Wifi network provided by the hotel, which is supposed the be reachable in all the rooms. It uses a captive portal and you will be provided with a username / password for the captive portal when you arrive (ask for your account at the reception).

[edit] Hacklab

Sorry, there is no official hacklab, but you can stay at the lounge room.

[edit] Departure / Check-out

On your departure day please leave the room before 15h00. Do not forget to return the key.

Reminder: you have to pay your room to DebConf (i.e not to the Hotel).

[edit] See also

[edit] Miscellanea


  • There is a kind of cinema, with movies played on the 28th and 30th.
  • You may smoke outside on the patio which is near to the breakfast room.
  • You cannot throw paper or other stuff in the zone S & T toilet because it will become blocked very easily.
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