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[edit] software setup

[edit] planing todo

  • domain will be
  • http://mirror/debian
  • explain bandwidth needs in setup.dia, the daffy barney link is not saturated during the day, when we do live streams. only in the night, when we encode recorded dv files, that link will be used heavily

[edit] software we want to use

* etch
* dvswitch 0.7.2-1~bpo40+1_i386 from alioth
* Jonas Smedegaard backported packages:, src pkgs:
** icecast2 2.3.2 from lenny/sid  (edrz has tested for amd64 bug, no longer crashes when stream stops)
** libtheora0_1.0~beta3-1
** ezstream 0.5.3
** ffmpeg2theora 0.21 (edrz tested for lfs bug, it's fixed.)
** ffmpeg svn20080206
*  libshout3-2.2.2-5 backport from testing, the one in jonas' repo is -4 and has a buggy patch applied
* oggshout
* kernel 2.6.18 or .24 from etch
* dvgrab from pure etch
* cinelerra from "deb etch cinelerra"

[edit] apt repo

only holger can upload currently...

# suite=etch
# upload i386+src, than amd64 binaries

[edit] config files

* should be kept in git of the debconf-video package in ./conf and deployed with fai where the passwords are sed'ed in

[edit] fai setup

* see Videoteam/Software

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