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[edit] Video team projects

[edit] Ansible setup

All machines are automatically installed, configured and updated using ansible. It's documented on salsa.

[edit] Speex encoding used at LCA 2008

The speex encoding script is doing this:

echo "  - Re-extracting audio from trimmed AVI"
mencoder -really-quiet -of rawaudio -oac pcm -ovc copy -o ${RAWFILE}

echo "  - Creating 16kHz temp file"
sox -c 2 -r 48000 -t raw -L -2 -s ${RAWFILE} -r 16000 -c 1 -t sw

echo "  - Encoding to OGG Speex"
# According to the speex site VBR at around 12 kbps is about as high
# quality as speex gets
#--comment "Content from 2008"
speexenc -w --abr 12 --comp 8 ${TEMPFILE} ${OUTFILE}

-Eric Rz.

[edit] Counting unique IP addresses in icecast logs

import sys, socket

file = "/usr/local/share/icecast/log/access.log"

f = open(file, 'r')

listip = []

for line in f:
 ip = line.split(" ")
 if ip[0] not in listip:

## I have no idea why the bottom doesn't work inside of the 'for' loop.  It works outside of it?
#  hostname = socket.gethostbyaddr(ip[0])
#  print hostname


print listip
print len(listip)

-Ryan Vermer

[edit] Auto-publishing Debian videos in a fancy HTML5 environment

Current service:

Send to us a CSV file in the following format:


* first line in CSV is the header, others are posts (each line, a new post)
* use " to escape " (it means using "" - see sample file)
* you can add custom fields as you want, or even omit those in sample file (you can't omit csv_* fields!)
* All custom fields will be shown above the video
* you may want an <img> which illustrates the talk, like a video snapshot, replacing that in the sample file


* prepare a XML schema for users instead of using CSV
* add universal subtitles player support
* add full screen feature in default player
* add alternative flash player for crap browsers

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