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[edit] Volunteer Helpers for DebConf5

This is a list of people that want to help to make DebConf5 happen.

There is a DebConf5VolunteerManager:list of things to do and the preliminary DebConf5Schedule (with focus on volunteer tasks) if you want to get an idea what kind of work is needed.

Please go ahead and add yourself (by copying the !NomenNominandum template at the end of this page and filling it in) to this page if you want to attend and state both at which times you want to help and what you want to work on.

As an alternative, you may send the same details to

If you have any special skills that could be usefull in any of the tasks mentioned, please list them. This could both be language skills for helping people arriving at the airport or at the information/reception, Bus/truck driving license, camera/filming expertise or networking/cableing skills etc. If you are good at something that we seem to have forgotten, please tell us.

If you would get deeper involved or just want to get a better overview of what is going on you can join the debconf5-team mailinglist or swing by on IRC at #debconf-team on

Sleeping space and food can be provided on request.

first entry goes here

Please use (and preserve) this template for your entry:


  • available from the 9th to the 18th, from 3am to 8am each day
  • special skills: Eating lots of leftovers
  • reachable by phone: 0123-45678
  • mail:
    • some task i want to do
    • other task


  • available from the 6th to the 18th, from 0am to 12am each day :)
  • special skills: driving license, some rusty vidfeo streaming expertise, general ability to see necessary work and taking on it, FAI skills ( which is used for the server management at debconf)
  • reachable by phone: till leaving germany on 5th evening: +49 179 8240571, after that possibly via prepaid card in finland, undetermined yet
  • mail:,
  • irc: lazyb0y on freenode
  • jabber:
    • already appointed with h01ger: VideoVolunteerManager
    • other video streaming tasks
    • FAI and infrastructure support
    • maybe one day of driving service, if not enought finnish people are there, but in general I'd like to be near the conference

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