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Logo by Renata Taffarel and Valessio Brito released under the GPLv3 or compatible. Download SVG Version

Colors HEX:

Blue - #1b75bc
Red - #bc312e
Orange - #faa61a


PT Sans -
Monoton -

Logo proposals and Original ideas which appeared on this page have been moved to LogoProposals and LogoIdeas.

[edit] Direction signs


[edit] Certificate


[edit] Info guide


[edit] Souvenir

TBD (maybe, water bottle? pollito 3d? :)

[edit] Video loop


[edit] Presentation templates

TBD (libreoffice, latex, ?)

[edit] Button pins (using a temporary logo for promotion during DC16)

Button pins printed for the promotion of DC17 at DebConf16. Unfortunately the swirl came out in solid color instead.

[edit] Stickers

Stickers PJain.jpg

[edit] Lanyards

TBD (maybe)

[edit] Banners


[edit] Food tickets


[edit] T-Shirt

See: T-shirt_colors

Attendees Debc0nf17 tshirts v2-page-002.jpg
Video Debc0nf17 tshirts v2-page-001.jpg
Staff Debc0nf17 tshirts v2-page-003.jpg

[edit] Unofficial self-organized t-shirt printing

[edit] Positive Spaces Swirl

Front Positive spaces front.png
Back Positive spaces back.png

Tiago and Valessio are willing to organize this screen printing if we get enough people interested. By enough we mean at least 40 people, in order to expect costs from 20 to 30 CAD per t-shirt. We intend to use a nice triblend one, but if needed we can get lower the prices by using regular cotton.

T-shirts are gender non-binary cut. Payments will take place on site during the conference, cash only.

Join us in this sweet adventure by adding your data in the table bellow. We need to confirm the order before DebCamp, so hurry up!

contact amount size
tiago@d.o 2 L
valessio 1 L
tassia@d.o 2 S
Nattie 1 XL
Taowa 1 L
urbec 1 >= equivalent of american male 3X ;)
Jeffity 1 S
Vagrant 2 L and XL??
h01ger 1 L
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