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[edit] Requirements

[edit] Process

  • Initial proposals: July 30 to August 15 August 22
  • Revised proposals: August 23 to September 4
  • Voting: September 5 to September 8

After the initial proposal period, submitters will be asked to review their proposals and re-submit their work. Proposals may be re-submitted unchanged.

Only revised proposals will be subject to the voting exercise.

The issue of the vote will be considered as a strong recommendation, as final adoption of the DebConf17 logo will be the subject of a team meeting decision.

[edit] Poll

The poll is now closed.

[edit] Proposals

[edit] Reviewed proposals

Please submit your reviewed logo proposals you wish to include on the ballot. Only proposals listed in this section will be submitted to the vote, and must be added before September 4th 23:59 UTC. New or unchanged proposals (from the initial porposals section) are accepted.

[edit] Initial proposals

Please submit your logo proposals, comments and vote(s) below. You may vote for more than one proposal here, as votes are only indicative at this stage.

Proposal Votes (as +1, one per line) and comments (in parentheses)
DebConf17.png +1 (simple is better, only 2 colors)


+1 (would just add a subtle separation between red and blue, as in the next-to-last one)

+1 (simple and nice)

-1 original swirl with flat fonts doesn't work IMO

DebConf17 lavamind beaver.png +1 (the little beaver is very cute)

-1 (s/beaver/fleur-de-lis/)

-1 (I find the beaver not that great)

DebConf17 lavamind plain5.png +1 (I like the basebally look the tail creates. The integration of the Debian logo is nicer too.)

+1 (I like the colors and swirl integration)

+1 Missing local identity but fine

Jeansch-dc17-2.png +1 (Montréal city logo)
Logo-ttv01.png +1 I like the bicycle integration. Subtle and neat. (pollo)


+1 I also like this one, but one needs to fix the shadow

Logo-ttv02.png (open to improvement)
Logo-ttv03.png (open to improvement)
Logo-ttv04.png (open to improvement)

+1 raccoon rules!

Logo-ttv05.png (open to improvement)
M00se-debconf.png (open to improvement)
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