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Welcome to the wiki for DebConf 16 in Cape Town, South Africa. It is being hosted at the University of Cape Town from 3 July until 9 July. Before that there is DebCamp and the Debian Day which takes the form of an Open Weekend this year.

[edit] Annual Debian Conference

DebConf is the annual conference for Debian contributers and users interested in improving the Debian project, one of the largest Free Software projects worldwide. The Debian Project is an association of volunteer individuals who have made common cause to create an operating system entirely of Free Software.

Once a year they gather and concentrate on the development and improvement of the Debian distribution. DebConf is a combination of concurrent scheduled talks, plenaries, development sprints, hacking time and ad-hoc meetings and sessions.

[edit] Venue

The University of Cape Town is situated at the foot of Table Mountain's Devil's Peak, with panoramic views of much of Cape Town. There is plenty of access to public transport through the university's Jammie Shuttle Service. However getting to and from the airport is slightly more complicated (see [1]).

DebConf and the Open Weekend will take place in the Menzies Building on Upper Campus (C4 on the map) with hacklabs in the Snape Building (B4 on the map) while DebCamp will be in the hacklabs as well as some in the Fuller Hall (E4 on the map). The main accommodation will be in Fuller Hall (E4 on the map) on Upper Campus, a short walk from the various venues.

[edit] Registration

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