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[edit] Agenda

  1. Please make a countdown banner!
  2. Open Weekend: local volunteers needed to contact local groups:
  3. Catering
  4. Spouse activities
    1. Open Weekend
    2. Day trip
    3. Braai
    4. Other suggestions (we don't need to organise, merely suggest...?)
  5. State of Bursaries
  6. Who coordinates local volunteer budget (from discussion with ginngs and bremner)
    1. Content team bursaries
  7. Wiki needs love, many red links still:
  8. "Reconfirmation" as in ask people with non-final dates to finalize; how to mark people that do not want to attend anymore (some seem to delete their accounts after bursary decisions)?

[edit] Minutes

[edit] Actions

  1. tamo and superfly to make a countdown banner
  2. indiebio to start a wiki page on merchandise, and get someone who has experience to help populate it
  3. DLange and tumbleweed will allocate local volunteer budget
  4. tumbleweed and nattie to open reconfirmation tonight
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