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* This is indiebio's messy version, to try formats out, have todo lists, discussions... Feel free to edit.
* General queries: or indiebio on IRC.

The main Debian Open Weekend wiki page with e.g. venue information can be found at


[edit] General To Do

* Flyers and info needed for Art Exhibition, Open Weekend, include on this page as images, and downloadable.

Information needed for flyer (please add/edit as needed):

  • What: Debian Open Weekend
    • Information Art Exhibition
    • ShowMeBox Open Hardware Data Visualisation
    • Public talks about open hardware and software
  • Contact details: website, email, phone:
    •, (or a forwarder? Do we have one that could work?) would indiebio's phone work, do we need a separate number?
    • Twitter?
  • Where: Upper Campus, University of Cape Town (Menzies Glasshouse) - QR code for directions/map?
  • When: 2 & 3 July 2016
  • Cost: FREE
* Make a draft schedule on the main page (with times)
* Give more info about the venue, exhibition space, 'stand sizes' etc

[edit] Who can attend?

Anyone can attend, it is also open for walk-ins. For people who want to exhibit, who have specific needs or ideas, it obviously makes sesne to get in touch sooner.

* ToDo: Webform to find out what people want from the Open Weekend, ideas.

Questions in webform:

  • Do you plan to attend the Debian Open Weekend? (Yes/No)
  • Are you interested in speaking at the Open Weekend (Yes/No)
    • If you are interested in speaking, please submit your proposal at the speakers form <link>
  • Are you interested in sharing your project in a short Lightning talk at the Open Weekend (Yes/No)
    • If you are interested in doing a Lightning talk, please submit your proposal at the speakers form <link>
  • Are you interested in participating in the Information Art Exhibition at the Open Weekend (Yes/No)
    • If you are interested in participating, can you give some info about what resources (like computer screen, space to put up a poster, a table...) you would need? Please note we cannot guarantee anything at this stage. We do not have a formal budget to assist financially, but if you require financial assistance for materials, please let us know and we'll see what we can do.
  • Are you interested in participating in the ShowMeBox at the Open Weekend, or before? (Yes/No)
    • Please note the ShowMeBox needs volunteering before the weekend, and participating is also possible before the weekend. Please get in touch for more info (
  • Would you be interested in joining the team to help organise the open weekend? (Yes/No)
    • If you are interested in volunteering, please email debconf-team with areas you would like to help.
  • Do you have any ideas or requests about what you would like to see, or participate in at the Open Weekend? (Space for an answer)
  • (Optional) email address if you would like to be contacted about more information or a reminder closer to the time. (Space for an answer)

Main aspects of the Open Weekend:

[edit] Information Art Exhibition

Using Debian to make art, in any way (posters, graphics, knitting, 3D printing, anything!)

These can be made before hand and showcased, or made during the Open Weekend. Displaying the artwork during the rest of DebConf is welcome, but optional.

You can display artwork even if you are not attending. Please let us know who will take responsibility for it in this case, and take special care to share info how like-minded people can get in touch with you.

The idea for the Information Art Exhibition developed together with the ShowMeBox, when Kris Rose, Jonas Smedegard, Tammy Manning, Siri Reiter, Bernelle Verster (indiebio) and Graham Inggs spoke at DebConf15 <link> in Germany last year about a shared passion for open hardware, information visualisation,beautiful things and great design. While the ShowMeBox initiative focuses mainly on the hardware and coding to obtain the visualisation, the Information Art Exhibition displays anything beautiful and/or informative using Debian in some way. Projects made by the ShowMeBox initiative will obviously also be showcased here.

The Debian community has a long and interesting history with Debian-related art, showing their active commitment to the project. Some examples:

  • Debian kilt
  • Hair styles
  • Knitted artifacts
* To Do: include images of existing Debian-related art (can also include Ubuntu, Linux - the penguin collection...?)
* To do: Images of similar initiatives, examples.

Examples of data visualisation that is beautiful:

* To do: Find out if participants require computers, computer screens, television screens (and if we can obtain any)
* To do: Find out if participants need anything else, assist them by placing them in contact with relevant vendors.

Printing in Cape Town: [Imago Visual]

[edit] ShowMeBox

* To do: Contact Code4SA (Jen) to find partners
* To do: Finalise if this will happen before DebCamp and only reported on, or if an actual hacking session on Saturday 2 July.

[edit] Local community building & showcasing

* To do: Determine what do I want from the local community
* To do: Determine what would DebConf want from the local community? 
* To do: Determine what would the local community want to offer? What would we like to see them exhibit?

Please see potential participants at the bottom of the page Who_are_the_local_community_stakeholders

[edit] Talk(s) to the general public

Interested speakers should submit a proposal through the standard DebConf forms. If people want to add their names and ideas here for general discussion/consideration, that's also great.

* Speakers invite, scope - good public speakers, passionate and not afraid to show it.

Have submitted one talk and two workshops; both can be partnered with the local LUG/s if needed - Shirish Agarwal

a. My Experience with Debian - Issues and choices which lead me to use Debian as my computing platform. (45 mins.)

b. Debian Installfest - where I share basic installation procedure alongwith tips for better computing (~2 hrs.)

c. Finding,reporting bugs for stretch installations - As stretch freeze is looming in October it would be appropriate to use the most recent (alpha/beta) image available and see how good/bad they are able to succeed as far as installation of the base image goes. Some would have net access, others do not so both scenarios could be tested while at the same time there is no stress on the network. (~ 2 hrs.).

[edit] Lightning talks

Show us what you are working on! Short 5 - 15 minute talks on projects

* To do: nattie please add info/ requirements here

[edit] Merchandise

Merchandise will be for sale, including Debian stickers, and whatever else we can organise. Merch planning happens here:

[edit] Job Fair

Space available for all sponsors of Silver level and higher. Please contact for more information, or if you are already a confirmed sponsor.

[edit] DebConf16 sponsors requirements

Sponsor Tables Plugs/powerpoints Wall space Chairs Swag Other Comments
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Not enough for bags Not attending Platinum sponsor
Valve Not attending Gold sponsor
Google yes, 50% Coming Friday 1 July Not attending, has swag Gold sponsor
Collabora 1 0 2 stuck at customs hardware may be an interest... Gold sponsor
IBM Gold sponsor
RusBITech Not attending Silver sponsor
Texas Instruments not attending Silver sponsor
credativ 1 2 no Silver sponsor
catalyst Not attending Silver sponsor
BFH Silver sponsor
Microsoft 1 not enough for bags not attending, but will have stickers Silver sponsor
Hetzner 1 2 yes 3 Require storage until Monday, set up is Friday 10:00, stand breakdown is Monday (during meal time to reduce noise). Site visit Thursday 30 June 14:30 Silver sponsor
Mirantis not attending Silver sponsor
MariaDB Silver sponsor
HRT Silver sponsor
Ubuntu 1 0 0 2 stickers and pens still in discussion Silver sponsor in discussion Silver sponsor
Aleph Objects 2 2 2 Need one or 2 PCs. not attending, but involved in Hardware exhibit, sent swag. Need power strip, need lunch for Georg. set up at 8:30am on Saturday, need volunteers for carrying Silver sponsor
univention Bronze sponsor, not contacted!
The Linux Foundation Bronze sponsor, not contacted!
Bluemosh not attending Bronze sponsor
Bronze sponsor, not contacted!
cumulus Bronze sponsor, not contacted!
Plat 'Home Bronze sponsor, not contacted!
ZSD Not eligible for job fair Local supporter sponsor

[edit] DebConf16 Play Hardware requirements

Participant Tables Plugs/powerpoints Wall space Chairs Other Comments
Code4SA 1 yes 1?
CT School of Engineering (CTSE) 1 brochures and one pull up banner
Debian Edu
Maker Station?

[edit] Job Wall

Also available for the duration of DebConf. Space available for all sponsors of Silver level and higher. Please contact for more information, or if you are already a confirmed sponsor.

[edit] Press

Press is welcome to attend the Debian Open Weekend.

Press email:
Open Weekend queries:

* To do: Link to general press release
* To do: Link to press-suitable gallery (with ~ 5 'stock' images and licence info)

[edit] Who are the local community stakeholders?

* For future use: Good database of local community stakeholders - make into user-friendly accessible format.

[edit] User groups

Stakeholder and website Contact in DebConf Team Interested? (Yes/No) Comments/Feedback/Ideas
CLUG (Cape Linux User Group) indiebio yes Andy and others from the CLUG committee will help.
Cape Town Perl Mongers
CTPUG (Cape Town Python User Group)
Cape Town Ruby Brigade
CTWUG (Cape Town Wireless User Group)
ISOC-ZA (Internet Society of South Africa)
ISPA (Internet Service Provider's Association)

[edit] Student, university organisations

Stakeholder and website Contact in DebConf Team Interested? (Yes/No) Comments/Feedback/Ideas
UCT Linux group contacted via leg-chat list
UCT Developer Society
Maties Developers (Stellenbosch University)

[edit] Data-user groups

Stakeholder and website Contact in DebConf Team Interested? (Yes/No) Comments/Feedback/Ideas
Code4SA indiebio yes Adi is on leave that week, will try to get someone else, Greg expressed interest
CodeBridge same emails as code4sa a civic technology lab that brings together programmers, activists and data journalists to create software that addresses difficult social problems
Data Carpentry develops and teaches workshops on the fundamental data skills needed to conduct research."Our initial target audience is learners who have little to no prior computational experience"

[edit] Local Specialised Retailers

Stakeholder and website Contact in DebConf Team Interested? (Yes/No) Comments/Feedback/Ideas
RS Electronics online, sent email
Microrobotics in Gauteng, sent email

[edit] Maker initiatives, co-working spaces, not-for-profit groups

Stakeholder and website Contact in DebConf Team Interested? (Yes/No) Comments/Feedback/Ideas
Cape Town Science Centre
Arduino Cape Town (Facebook Group) indiebio contacted via other groups
Modern Alchemists (Facebook Group) indiebio contacted
DIY workshop, HoutBay
Maker Space Woodstock indiebio contacted
creative nestlings
Workshop 17
Launchlab, Stellenbosch
Silicon Cape, our event page indiebio no contacted, they are willing to retweet

[edit] Students, University groups

Stakeholder and website Contact in DebConf Team Interested? (Yes/No) Comments/Feedback/Ideas
CompSci UCT Stefano
CompSci SUN contacted via group and FB
CompSci UWC
CompSci CPUT
CompSci Other
Elec Eng / EBE UCT ginggs
Elec Eng SUN
Elec Eng UWC
Elec Eng CPUT
Elec Eng Other
uct-comp-bio todo: share debian poster with them
Somerset West School of Engineering indiebio contacted

[edit] Government related

Stakeholder and website Contact in DebConf Team Interested? (Yes/No) Comments/Feedback/Ideas
CHPC (Centre for High Performance Computing)
CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research)
SITA (State Information Technology Agency)
TIA (Technology Innovation Agency) indiebio No
City of Cape Town's Open Data Portal indiebio contacted

[edit] Disclaimer

We do not specifically endorse vendors or participants (but if they're here, they're probably amazing).

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