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[edit] Important Notes

  • If something here looks odd or out of date, then please refer to our Alioth Git repository.
  • Download a copy of the styleguide for more information on how to use the elements below.


Dc16 703x473.png DC16 Logo purple background.png

DC16 logo wide.png

[edit] Colours

Colour Description html rgb cmyk
90% Black, used for very dark elements #404041 64,64,65 0,0,0,90
Purple #555d9c 85,93,156 77,70,10,1
#9e1e62 158,30,98 34,100,35,10
Mustard #c0a331 192,163,49 0,15,74,25
Cream colour used for backgrounds #e7e4be 231,228,190 9,5,21,0

[edit] Fonts

[edit] Previews



Josefin Sans:




To use these fonts, place them in a .fonts directory under your home directory. You may have to restart your application before it will be listed in its fonts list.

[edit] Downloads and Licensing

Font Name Web Page License Direct Download Link
Gafata SIL Open Font License, 1.1
Josefin Sans SIL Open Font License, 1.1
Lobster SIL Open Font License, 1.1

[edit] Icons and Pictograms

[edit] Button Pins

Buttons handed out during DC15


[edit] Background images

Used in digital and print media.

Table Mountain Background used in various elements
Need background file for the purple web/grid

Just the Tablemountain background (not overlayed with the geometric mesh) extracted from the pdf: File:DC16_table_mountain_low_res.png

The geometric mesh background: File:DC16_background.svg

  • TODO: SVG version for Table Mountain background (and perhaps fix aspect ratio of table mountain in that process?)
  • TODO: Provide large area web/grid purple background (as used with the debconf logo above) for website/banners/posters/etc

[edit] Banners

(website banners) e.g.

  • See you in Cape Town DebConf16, 2-9 July 2016

[edit] I'm going to Debconf! Banner

Typically used on blogs to indicate excitement for planning to go to DebConf.

[edit] Countdown Banner

  • Typically used on personal websites to count down to DebConf.
  • TODO: Design DC16 countdown banners
  • TODO: Find some friendly js and host on website/
Example of countdown banner, used for DC12


Typicall used on the website and other online media.

Example of sponsor banner, used for DC11

[edit] T-Shirt

See: T-shirt_colors for previous DC t-shirt colours.

[edit] Ads

[edit] Signs

  • TODO: Room names
  • TODO: Venue map with room locations
  • TODO: Directions

[edit] Posters

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