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[edit] Attendees

   indiebio (119)
   tumbleweed (74)
   cate (21)
   marga (18)
   tamo_ (15)
   madduck (12)
   gwolf (11)
   larjona_m (8)
   tassia (8)
   ginggs (7)
   moray (5)
   MeetBot (4)
   edrz (4)
   bremner (4)
   Ganneff (1)
   jcristau (1)
   fil (1)
   highvoltage (1)

[edit] Apologies

  • DLange travelling, so unfortunately can't attend
  • nkukard travelling, so unfortunately can't attend

[edit] General Points

[edit] Another Poker

indiebio: I am a 'see many details' person, not a 'chase important stuff' person. We need to fill that role with immediate effect. Alternatively/additionally, we need more than one level of poker. E.g. I can poke for an amount of time, but at some stage if that is not efficient anymore, we need to be able to call in a big gun. Said another way, I can cover breadth, with many different little things, but the big important in-depth things trip me up. Think webs and spiders. I'm the web, not the spider. The tasks are flies.

[edit] Braai (Barbecue)

Diarise: Braai in Cape Town: Saturday 10 October, Nigel's place. indiebio will mail out details, when she has the address.

[edit] Timeline

Get tasks on to the Timeline - can work through the timeline team by team (Aka over a couple of meetings, doing it properly will take time)

[edit] Task Groups Status Report

NOTE: (Ideally I would suggest you should get status reports going to the mailing list before meetings, so that meetings can just deal with open questions/problems.)

Content team

We need info on "speaking (topics, deadlines, type of talk) "

Participant assistance team

Take note of website discussions - keep team informed of requirements for registration

Visa team: volunteers? (local people needed to sign invitation letters, but now we need to collect visa requirements/information)

Registration opening: ETA January. Bursaries team: ETA January, Rest: later

Facilities team

CMC contract should be ready early next week - ginggs

Social Activities team

I would suggest ordering T's, Banners, Signage ect, to be done in April not May we would need 2-3weeks actual/lead time and an extra week - in case something goes wrong.

      • Need coordination with Registration team - can we move registration earlier?

T-shirts mid October - scope fabrics, printers. Get an ideas wiki/titanpad going. Swag bags, fabric, styles etc. too.

Fundraising team

Brochure should be ready for second review by Friday

Is it possible to have this completed by the end of next week?

Fundraising meeting

Saturday 16:00 UTC (I think - noon EST). - bgupta

Treasurer team

nkukard: I have updated the budget with values received since last meeting, its in git. Still waiting for rough estimates from other teams.

Can we get a time when this becomes priority? (ASAP after contracts??)

Infrastructure team

Wafer: now pyconza, then real work for DebConf.

Put thoughts here:

Waiting on email of requirements from RichiH to UCT infra cc ginggs

Can we get the space and things sorted out already to have a splashpage ready as soon as we've concluded the basics?

Video team

soon a sprint:

Coordination team

coord team: schedule meeting? post-mortem?, send reminder early enough

  1. If you want a blogpost to be published in debconf blog, about dc16 preparation started (+link to dc15 talk about dc16), just decide a date of publishing and I'll send a draft accordingly.
  2. We also need a square logo/icon for when debconf16 blog posts appear in (give me an URL to the image and I'll reduce it and upload to the planet. I digged a bit by myself but couldn't figure out if there are multiple logos or if it's still undecided...).
  3. I don't control @debconf at twitter. If the people currently controlling @debconf are not available for dc16 publicity in twitter, we'd need to find somebody. I could be in charge, I know how twitter works, but personally I prefer the free networks, so I'd prefer somebody else to do that task.
  4. task description + volunteers welcome URL is in the pad, and Debian in the field blog posts idea is being worked on with Bernelle+me+publicity team.

[edit] Summary of meetings for the next week

  • Fundraising meeting: Saturday 16:00 UTC (I think - noon EST).

[edit] Next Meeting

  • Date: 2015-09-30
  • Agenda points raised during this meeting:
    • Timeline
    • indiebio to send ack email to Enricho sponsor
    • We will have a timeline meeting in about 2 weeks, requiring participation of PA, Content, Infra and any other interested parties
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