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[edit] general

[edit] basic progress report

[edit] 'web presence'

[edit] Budget

From nkukard: Can the teams responsible give me maybe a short breakdown for their budgets for the following. It can be changed later on.

  1. Attendee swag
  2. Open weekend
  3. Sponsor fulfillment
  4. Conference dinner
  5. Day trip
  6. Entertainment
  7. Infrastructure
  8. Video team
  9. Child care

[edit] Team people

  1. currently active people please put their names connected to the teams on titanpad:
  2. plan to refresh teams and chase up involvement - tassia
* side note: We should also start making these meetings follow the team structures, aka have progress reports per team, maybe following the tabled structure I saw in DC15.

[edit] to become the table

Team Topic Action
Content team
Participant assistance team
Facilities team
Social Activities team
Fundraising team
Treasurer team
Infrastructure team
Video team
Coordination team
DebConf Committee
DebConf Chairs
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