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[edit] Status updates

  • Been collecting more catering and transport quotes.
  • A meeting is still planned with the Jammie Shuttle (transport) coordinators at UCT.
  • ICTS (networking) department has said we can get unfirewalled IPs, bypass the (otherwise mandatory) authenticated http proxies, have our own bandwith allocation, and that there'll be no need to create accounts for each attendee to access wifi.

[edit] Since the first meeting

  • Displayed the team's primary venue and backup venue status on the bid page.
  • Confirmed availability of, described, and priced family accommodation at UCT.
  • Got more details on the UCT upper campus residence bathrooms.
  • Got a price for full food and board at UCT that comes to less than R100 (€8) per person per day for 3 meals. Compared to our fancier (and healthier) caterers who quoted 3x as much.
  • Added estimated venue and accommodation costs to the pages for the UCT Breakwater and TechnoPark venues. Previously these were only visible in a spreadsheet in git.
  • Described other hotels in walking distance from TechnoPark.
  • Summarised bus hire quotes we've received.
  • Fleshed out the exchange control laws section.
  • Wrote up our investigation of umbrella organization options.
  • Child Care has been confirmed at UCT.

[edit] Priority list

1 - "Affordable" for both sponsors and attendees

  • We have a conference venue for free
  • Accommodation and food prices are well within DebConf norms
  • Travel costs are higher than some previous conference, but not enormously so
  • Our savings from the venue could be redirected to travel sponsorship

2 - Strong, mature, experienced local team

  • The team has a lot of experience in running local conferences - we have core organisers from several conference series and other events in the team
  • The team contains 4 DDs, 4 DMs, and have collectively attended 7 out of the last 9 DebConfs

3 - Good working spaces

  • The New Engineering Building at UCT has lounges on every floor, and several class rooms and board rooms that we can use as hacklabs

4 - Excellent network connectivity

  • UCT has some of the best network connectivity in South Africa
  • 10Gbps fibre backhaul from the campus, and >1Gbps from each building
  • There is an existing wireless network across campus, capable of handling our load
  • The IT department supports the bid, and we have a faculty sysadmin in our team

5 - Quality and quantity of food and drink in close proximity

  • An on-campus pub, 5-minutes (and no uphill) from the dorms
  • Several restaurants and bars down the hill on Main Road (15 mins walk)

6 - Suitable accommodation in close proximity

  • Student dorms on-campus (5 mins from the venue building)
  • A large hotel 30 mins walk away
  • A few small guest houses, closer

7 - Presentation facilities

  • University lecture theatres (including projectors and PA systems) ranging from 20 to 600 seats
  • Hundreds available to us, within a few mins walk

8 - Travel logistics

  • Cape Town is far from most DebConf attendees
  • Public transport is less than ideal, but taxis are cheap
  • We plan to run augment this with scheduled shuttles, to the airport and evening activities

9 - accessibility

  • Very good
  • The university caters for its disabled students, and everything is built to be accessible
  • The university is on a steep hill, which makes things harder for wheelchairs, but there is a shuttle provided by the student disability services that will be available to us

[edit] Strong points in our bid

  • Cape Town is a beautiful city that we think many DebConf attendees would like to visit
  • South Africa is an inexpensive country to visit. Good food, wine, and beer are amazingly cheap, compared to Europe and North America
  • English is the primary language used in Cape Town.

[edit] Weak points in our bid

  • Cape Town is a long flight away from most DebConf attendees
  • DebConf would occur during the Southern Hemisphere winter - mild by European standards, but we risk rain and (non-freezing) cold

[edit] Strong points in other bids

  • Convenient for North Americans
  • McGill looks like a great DebConf venue
  • Good public transport
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