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[edit] Agenda

Time Item Presenter Priority Background info Goal for meeting
 :01 Registration cate, _rene_, larjona high Summit has been "locked", but many attendees still have not provided address or country. The venue needs data on every attendee staying at the hostel or expected to pay something so that they can pre-create records ( Pending are also the individual "arrival info / what to bring" e-mails and the PDF. Timeline for sending emails and getting registration data
 :10 Fulfillment madduck high Bernelle and DLange created Open questions about the fairs? Next item for actions…
 :13 Attendee information madduck high should be polished and checked back to front, new info added etc.. It might make sense to slim down our website and move content to the wiki so that it becomes the canonical source of information (with all the benefits of a wiki). Who could take this on? It's probably a few hours work, but it'd be insanely useful to everyone and I'll buy you a beer for every easter egg you hide
 :20 Content team azeem high and an announcement is pending Open questions?
 :25 Video coverage RichiH [delayed until he appears] high Hardware is surveyed and being sent. 3rd stream depends on availability of camera and laptop with express card slot. Open questions?
 :30 Infrastructure RichiH [delayed until he appears] high Everything's on track, Cisco is bringing all the equipment early DebCamp, Zugschlus is running final checks this week. Cables and all other such equipment is going to be ordered this week. Open questions?
 :35 Press release madduck medium German final draft at, madduck will translate and put on website. Sorry this is still pending, but we could still send it and pretend that there's nothing wrong with the timing. ;) Need helpers to publish this to all interested parties
 :38 Child care RichiH medium Teckids is going to happen and everything's arranged. We won't have any organised child care though, it just didn't work out. Volunteer to polish wiki or write a webpage (or just a whitepad for now) about our offerings
 :41 Volunteer management cate medium Status report, next steps
 :48 Day trip hvhaugwitz, madduck low and busses have been arranged (3 to Speyer, 2 to Dilsberg). We now need individual wiki pages describing the options and asking for signups (like DC14). When do we announce this, i.e. when does signup start?
 :50 Conf dinner loni, madduck low We now have 9 busses. Menus have changed (pork with dumpling and salad, beef with red cabbage). Restaurant wants numbers a week in advance, might mean we limit the available stickers for each option to 100%+X Open questions?
 :52 Room allocation madduck for marga low Rooms are allocated and e-mails have been sent. We're well above 350 for the week but the last night takes us just below average, which will cost us a bit (ca. 350€/day) each day but also means we still have flexibility. Open questions?
 :54 Front desk nattie low Material list is being compiled. Printer being tracked down. Process has been discussed. Open questions?
 :56 Venue thanking madduck low A small present to the two people who had to deal with us mainly might be a good idea. This could be swag+t-shirt+bag+wine and a note signed by us all Could someone take this on, please?
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