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[edit] Agenda

Time Item Presenter Priority Background info Goal for meeting
19:02 Content Team status rmayorga, azeem, maxyz high Talks have been processed. Status update + Date for schedule
19:15 Video Team status RichiH, tumbleweed, wouter, franklin medium The video-team is re-organizing, the rest of the team is expectant of what will happen Status update
19:25 Registration Team status nattie, bremner, cate, marga, ana high Almost 400 people staying at the hostel. Preliminary room allocation is done. Status update + things that need to happen
19:40 Public relations cate, ana, .. high Soon a new status mail + reminder to all attendees: httpps:// Probably an announcement is to do in parallel. Other announcements? mails? Every team should fill relevant texts to be sent.
19:50 Debian Birthday party maxy, madduck, tassi low We have it in the schedule, we have a volunteer band, but it still needs someone to drive it to make it a real party Find a Birthday party coordinator
19:55 Open topics marga low Figure out items for the next meeting
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