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[edit] Agenda

Time Item Presenter Priority Background info Goal for meeting
19:02 Content Team status rmayorga, azeem, maxyz high Talks have been processed. Status update + Date for schedule
19:10 Registration Team status nattie, bremner, cate, marga, ana high Reconfirmation finished with over 430 confirmed people, 350 staying at the hostel. Status update + things that need to happen
19:20 Video Team status RichiH, tumbleweed, franklin medium There was a meeting, but many people don't know the result of it. Status update
19:30 Hostel limits: talk rooms and bof rooms video coverage cate, madduck medium With only one BOF room being covered by video, we have more Bofs that the schedule allows for video coverage. On top of that, the plenary room is "small" (for big plenaries only), so we need to coordinate with video on how to handle the few very crowded talks [opening, DPL, release] Common understanding and coordination between teams
19:40 Debian Birthday party maxy, madduck low We have it in the schedule, we have a volunteer band, but it still needs someone to drive it to make it a real party Find a Birthday party coordinator
19:45 Newbie track during Open Weekend maxy low Some people have expressed a desire to have a newbie track during the Open Weekend (using rooms that are not the main talk rooms) Agree if we want this or not, and if yes, delegate it to someone.
19:50 Networking status RichiH, DLange medium Last time, only a test that everything was working was needed Status update
19:55 T-Shirts, badges and lanyards DLange medium Color choosing is done. Status update.
19:59 Open topics marga low Figure out items for the next meeting
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