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[edit] Agenda

Time Item Presenter Priority Background info Goal for meeting
19:02 Content Team status maxy, rmayorga high Content Team sent one blog post/mail to dc-a, but still nothing about invited speakers Move on with the rest of the content team PR work.
19:12 Registration team status nattie, cate medium Currently 350+ beds requested, almost 400 concurrent attendees. Any pending questions that need to be answered? Status on cafeteria space?
19:20 Bursaries team status bremner medium Most decisions have been taken, but the data is not in summit yet. Figure out what's needed to resolve the last pending items.
19:30 Fundraising team status bgupta, madduck medium We are basically at the end of the fundraising effort for DC15 Figure out if we are doing one last-minute PR or consider it done.
19:35 Outreach funds marga, cate medium The budget includes some funds for Outreach programs (Newbies, diversity, etc) Figure out who is in charge of this and move forward.
19:40 Reconfirmation process marga, cate medium We should start reconfirmation next Monday (June 1st) Figure out any details that need to be figured out by then.
19:50 T-Shirt backside & colors DLange, nattie, Valessio low Decide on preferred colors and scar on back (cheaper) or shoulder
19:55 Open topics marga low Figure out items for the next meeting
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