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[edit] TODO list

[edit] Agenda

Time Item Presenter Priority Background info Goal for meeting
19:02 feedback from venue scouting DLange, Zugschluss high Vendor exibition in parallel to jobfair -> vendors need double staffing; Space of 8x5m (approx) for six gold + one plat sponsor; Standing tables (20) to be used for jobfair (no chairs then as we can't plunder the bistro on the open weekend); Normal tables or something proper for vendor exibition? Get the final numbers of booths available
19:10 Conference dinner loni, madduck high Conf dinner approved, but bus prices have been hiking Ponder alternatives for transport
19:20 T-shirts / Conf bags DLange (with nattie) medium We need about 500 shirts printed by August; add logo etc. deadline probably May 31st. We need about 400 conference bags. Budget: 5€/bag Status update
19:25 Rooms reserved for Job Fair DLange medium Some people suggested rooms for 1:1 meetings of job applicants and sponsor representatives. Either C033-039 (can only be taken by attendees after job fair) or B24 (Speisesaal). No food there then? Do we actually need this? Decision & room reservation
19:30 Child care nattie, loni medium Status update
19:35 Day trip thkoch, hvhaugwitz medium Thomas has visited some places What needs to happen now? Also, transport is becoming an issue.
19:40 Arrivals, local transport _rene_, madduck low Repeated questions about closest airport etc. should be address on web/wiki. There was some investigation regarding possibly having the arrival PDF be used as a valid ticket for local transport Status Update
19:45 Bistro selection DLange, madduck low We want to have a list of things that we want to ask the Bistro to provide and negotiate prices Status Update
19:50 Open topics madduck low Figure out items for the next meeting
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