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[edit] TODO list

[edit] Agenda

Time Item Presenter Priority Background info Goal for meeting
Attendee numbers, limits, registration marga high To date, we have 370 registrations and no PR sent. Some won't reconfirm, but considering special rooming requests etc., we are approaching the limits of the hostel. Decide how to move on: limit registrations, alternative hosting, effect on PR
PR, invited speakers maxy, madduck high Related to last item, also the content team wants to send an announcement about the invited speakers. Decide on gist of future PR work
feedback from venue scouting Zugschlus, DLange medium Vendor exibition in parallel to jobfair -> vendors need double staffing; Space of 8x5m (approx) for six gold + one plat sponsor; Standing tables (20) to be used for jobfair (no chairs then as we can't plunder the bistro on the open weekend); Normal tables or something proper for vendor exibition? Decisions (or at least plans) for each of the items above
Rooms reserved for Job Fair DLange medium We need to reserve rooms for 1:1 meetings of job applicants and sponsor representatives. Either C033-039 (can only be taken by attendees after job fair) or B24 (Speisesaal). No food there then? Decision & room reservation
Conference dinner tassia / madduck medium The Chairs have received a request to increase the reserved budget for the conf dinner, we are dealing with the request at the moment, but we consider the whole team should be aware of the issue, and have a chance to express concerns Awareness, concerns raising
Content/Bursaries-Team hand-off mbanck medium Discuss if the content and bursaries team need to work together in order to make decisions on sponsoring people who submitted proposals. What would be the timeline? Decision (if both teams are present), awareness otherwise
Open Weekend native language track mbanck medium Should we encourage proposals/talks in german for the Open Weekend? Discussion and possibly Decision
Raffle madduck low See dc-team.git/dc15/raffle, so far we have only two items. I am on various leads, but we probably should fan out more. Awareness, idea collection. If someone wants to drive this, please…
Getting to venue by train madduck low Rail "event ticket" is a flat 99 € two-way, which is about twice as expensive as regular tickets from FRA/STG/MUC to HD. The only thing to consider is whether we want to organise busses to pick up people, but that's something to be done short-term and once we have bus partners. Also, CCCamp is something to consider. Acknowlegde, decide not to pursue this further until we know concrete demand
Open topics marga low Figure out items for the next meeting
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