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[edit] TODOs

[edit] Agenda

Time Item Presenter Priority Background Goal
19:02 Registration status update cate low Registration for sponsored attendees has finished What do the numbers look like?
19:05 Schedule format maxy high dc15.git schedule/debconf15-schedule.ods, and several discussions in -team A decision on the schedule, so the teams can rely on it.
19:20 Change to Code of Conduct regarding presentations marga meidum If there are no objections, we should make the change.
19:25 Deadlines bgupta/all medium Fundraising Team requests some deadlines:, has the already agreed deadlines. Decide on the missing deadlines for Fundraising Team
19:35 Press Release marga/larjona medium We had planned for PR in march, but that didn't happen. It should happen in April. Establish any missing steps for making the PR successful.
19:45 Open topics marga low What are the open issues? What are things we need to work on more/better? Update
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