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[edit] Agenda

[edit] Items Covered

Item Presenter Background Goal
Status updates marga
  • Verein [madduck, RichiH]
  • Website (white vs black background, news, other content, etc) [rene, larjona]
  • Impressum for the Website [madduck]
  • CCC / FrOsCon [Manuel, Rhalina, Conny]
  • Brochure translations [Conny, Manuel, Rhalina]
  • Fundraising announcements [bgupta, madduck]
  • Budget [madduck, hug]
  • DayTrip / Conference Dinner [Rhalina, Manuel, Tokkee]
Follow up on previous meeting action items
Final Report marga Coordinated here: There's a bunch of people writing text, but we need someone to be in charge of the whole rather than the parts Get someone to be in charge
Airline partnerships Caroll Contact all airlines in the list to know the benefits and how it works
PR (website, social media) larjona Ideas and timetable for new blog posts - Handling of @debconf Twitter account - Other ideas for promotion Know the available persons for this task, share ideas and the work
General schedule format maxy This thread, This other thread, This editable pad Reach consensus

[edit] Items left behind

Item Presenter Background Goal
Honouring pro-bono advisors madduck PwC and two lawyers have thus far helped us set up all the legal stuff for DC15 for free. I think it would only be appropriate to mention them on our webpage for this, e.g. their logos next to (but slightly shifted to the right from) the SPI logo at the bottom An affirmative decision or an alternative suggestion
Drink prices in HD madduck The prices at the bistro are fairly high, see the menu. Surely, we can negotiate a discount. Establish our understanding of what we find acceptable
Mailing list migration madduck debconf-sponsors-team needs acute changes and it seems like a good candidate for a test migration to lists.d.o Coordinate a specific date for changeover
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