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Ideas for promoting DebConf. Publicity and Social Media


[edit] Ideas

  • Write a blog post: always add DPN + Microblog proposals too
  • Handle @debconf Twitter account
  • Create @debconf GNUSocial/ account
  • Spread the word in social networks where we (people) are present: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, (larjona), GNUSocial (larjona)
  • Translate the sponsorship brochure and maybe other relevant info or announces into relevant languages (German, Spanish, Chinese?). Or put workforce in translating the Debian Project News.

[edit] Possible blogposts

  • MiniDebConfs
  • Sponsors (microblog announcing each signed sponsorship?)
  • Fundraising campaign?
  • Call for talks
  • Debcamp
  • Opening Weekend
  • GSoC/OPW students coming to DebConf

[edit] Timetable

[edit] October

  • DC14 final report

[edit] November

[edit] December

[edit] January

  • Call for papers

[edit] February

  • First set of talks accepted.

[edit] March

  • Registration is now open for Debconf15
  • Sponsored registration for Debconf closes today

[edit] April

  • Second set of talks accepted. Last call

[edit] May

[edit] June

  • Talks review and selection process

[edit] July

Status update by LArjona

I'm gathering all the published items from DC14 in July/August in the different channels (bits, dcblog, in the wiki, as a guide for this year:

I have time during July to work on DebConf publicity, so expect updates/proposals in the mailing list next weekend at most.

Today we had a meeting the Publicity team, and we will try to "prepare in advance" the coverage of DebConf15 in a similar way that we do for the releases: a "filler" with some already-crafted notes for posting in the social networks, and templates for the different announces.

However, I'm not sure if there is something "urgent" that needs to be done:

something to be published "anywhere" this week or next week. If you expect that I (or publicity team) do something, please contact me or send email to the list.

After 02/08/2015, I will not be available to work on this, so please refer to the Publicity team mailing list in case that no other volunteer steps ahead for publicity stuff.

[edit] August


  • Welcome to DebConf
  • Full coverage for DC talks

DebConf14 published items:

  • DebConf14 - schedule available - 03/08/14
  • Welcome to DebConf - 23 Aug 2014
  • Debian News: [31 de ago de 2014] DebConf 14 closes in Portland and DebConf 15 dates announced
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