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[edit] When and where

[edit] Minutes

[edit] Agenda

[edit] (20) Team organizational matters

  • minutes how, where, who
    • minutes should be short and contain what's decided
    • individual opinions and statements only if they are *very* important
    • Must contain what we'll need in the future
    • Special section for action items?
  • Tools svn repo, wiki, web based planning tool?
  • Team pages (are they more or less complete?), Do people agree on the items on each page?
  • Meetings: physical meetings vs. Phone/Mumble meetings vs. other forms of communication

[edit] (20) Milestones / Roadmap

  • Presentaion of the preliminary Roadmap
  • Comments?

[edit] (20) Update from Vaumarcus visit

  • Status
  • What needs to be done / decided?

[edit] (60) Creation of the DC13 association

  • Summary of financial/legal team meeting -> Proposal
  • Summary of the reactions from the global team / leader so far
  • Preliminary decision to create the association now or to postpone
  • Detailed discussion of the bylaws
  • Create! (or not)


  • Status?
  • Is it realistic to have this done (put forward a lot) until the end of the month?
  • How takes the lead and makes sure we have a visual design in time for the sponsoring material?

[edit] (30) Sponsoring

  • What has been done up until now?
  • What needs to be done?
  • Who takes the lead and makes sure we have a sponsoring brochure for Swiss sponsors ready before DC12?
    • Is this still realistic?

[edit] (10) Varia

  • Schedule BoFs and presentation for DC12
  • Next meetings
    • Which form?
    • Who?
    • When?
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