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[edit] DebConf team meeting, Monday 22. October 2012, 18h00 UTC, #debconf-team on

[edit] Date / Time

Monday 22. October 2012, 18h00 UTC

 $ date -d '@1350928800'

Meeting length: maximum one hour.

[edit] Meeting preparation material

[edit] Agenda

[edit] Introduction

  • Who will publish a summary to the mailing list?

[edit] DebConf12

  • Final report status
  • If DC12 team present: Bags all sent? Anything else remaining to be done? -- If DC12 people not present, who will contact them to check on these points?

[edit] DebConf13

  • Budget
    • Status update (rafw,hug)
    • Quick opinion-gathering on ruling in or out some budget-reduction options:
      • Accept or rule out general registration fee?
      • Accept or rule out money-raising by "bed upgrades"?
      • Accept or rule out reducing overall length of DebCamp+main DebConf?
      • Decide now that probably won't pay for some/all meals?
      • Decide now to reduce expectations on paying for attendee accommodation?
  • (gaudenz, bremner) Travel sponsorship -- are we following the proposal to do it at a better time this year?
  • Fundraising -- we are now late
    • Sponsorship brochure status (gismo)
      • Ready to be sent out?
    • Report from Raphael and anyone else?
    • Who will arrange a sponsorship team meeting and follow up on the points listed below?
  • Venue options update
    • LeCamp (heiserhorn)
      • Any news since last list update?
      • Q&A about the contract, make everyone up to the same level of information
      • What would need to change to make the Le Camp contract acceptable to the whole team? (Cost / payment deadlines / flexibility?)
    • Interlaken (pocock)
      • Status update (negotiations, budget, …)
      • Friday, 26 October visit:
        • Who is going? (pocock, holger, gaudenz, hug, ???)
        • What should those on the visit be looking for / asking about?
        • What are important points to discuss while there?
    • What other options can be investigated? (Gaudenz suggests Fiesch and Melchtal)
    • How to proceed
      • Timeline, Decision cirteria
  • (gwolf) Penta replacement
  • Website status/volunteers
  • BSP / Le Camp visit
    • Who is coming? We should try to have as many debconf-team members present as possible.

[edit] Items for list threads

  • Fundraising
    • When is next sponsorship team meeting?
      • List of sponsors ?
      • Subsidies from Swiss cantons/tourism marketing agenices
      • what documents and statistics can we show to prove that DebConf is a desirable thing to have? These agencies want to know the bottom line: how much money 300-500 geeks will bring? Can anyone provide documents or statistics to support this?
      • we agree to make formal applications to multiple locations in parallel? Who is authorised to submit the applications? Can't have overlap, etc
  • (darst) Can someone from dc13 write up and explain what we talked about (in private messages) about, mainly about money?

[edit] Minutes

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