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[edit] Background

Interlaken is a proposed option for DebConf13. This is a summary of the features discovered there.

[edit] Location checklist

A full location checklist is under construction/nearly finished. Main things missing:

  • disability info
  • formal catering plans
  • quote for Internet in venue

[edit] Promotional video

[Video 1] [Video 1 (download)]

  • includes Jungfrau Park centre, and a cow

[Video 2] [Video 2 (download)]

  • includes Kongress centre, many leisure opportunities, and more cows

[Video 3] [Video 3 (download)]

  • narrated tour of Interlaken

[Video 4 (youtube)]

  • shows Jungfrau Park at the beginning (venue for indoor skiing)

[edit] Accommodation

Over [4,500 beds available] within walking distance of rail, bus and potential meeting venues.

Over 1,000 beds are low-cost (hostel and tent city). Several of them described in the [Swiss backpackers brochure]. Camping is also possible.

[edit] Potential venue: Balmer's

[Balmer's] is the largest hostel in Interlaken:

  • 250 beds (dorms and private rooms, only shared bathrooms though)
  • 100 beds in tent city
  • meeting tent (maybe for meeting or dining)
  • beer garden with BBQ grill for 50 people at a time
  • underground night club on site (licensed until 2:30am)


  • awaiting a group proposal with exact prices
  • [individual prices here] - rates include breakfast - please remember that when comparing to other venues who charge for breakfast

Key benefits:

  • always busy in summer and can resell any beds not used by DebConf, so only pay for beds really used
  • has a long history in Interlaken (one of the oldest hostels), management have excellent local knowledge and a network of contacts within the local tourism and events industry
  • breakfast is included (so price works out the same as other options explored already)
  • many indoor social spaces for eating, relaxing and playing
  • full catering is not provided, and there is no obligation on DebConf to commit to catering services

[edit] Transport

[edit] Arrival / Departure

Excellent rail transport, trains to major destinations every 30 minutes.

  • Zurich and Geneva trains every 30 minutes (via Bern), journey 2 hours
  • direct TGV from Paris from late 2012 (should be running by DebConf), journey 4 hours
  • Milan trains stop nearby in Spiez, journey 3 hours

The two stations Interlaken West and Interlaken Ost (East) are on opposite sides of the town. It is less than 15 minutes walk between the stations.

[edit] Free local transport

  • Free use of local buses for all guests staying in any form of paid accommodation.
  • Walking distance between most venues, accommodation, restaurants and rail stations.

[edit] Potential meeting facilities

Premium: [Interlaken Congress and Events]

  • there is both a new and old facility
  • may be suitable for Debian Day if there are high profile speakers likely to attract 1,000 people or more (given it is Debian's 20th birthday, such a key note speaker might be possible)

Potentially more affordable for the DebConf budget:

  • [Jungfrau Park] is about 10 minutes walk from the center, free bus, catering on site (for lunch)
  • [Mattenhof Reosrt] has seminar rooms
    • [Brochure] with room sizes
    • biggest room 177m2, maybe not big enough for a full 300-500 person audience (e.g. opening/closing ceremony)
    • however, could work for talk rooms or hack labs
  • [Military airstrip] also very close, with some hangars/buildings used for events/parties/expos
    • [Examples of events in the hangars]
    • The airport is huge and depending on the hanger it's no more "very close", i.e. potentially several kilometers away from the city
  • [Interlaken Cinema] has two screens, 240 and 96 seats, only appears to have films at night time, so could be used during daytime hours
  • Dry Dock of BLS could be used as hacklab (image, more images, satellite view). Fits 190 people. Downside: No permanent internet connection (as of 2007). Not clear if it's still available for rent as it's no more mentioned on their website or their list of rentable objects.

[edit] Other notable items

  • Best possible location for access to extreme/adventure excursions in the alps. Therefore it provides the best option for visitors who have limited number of vacation days from their employer, as they can combine DebConf and leisure activities.
    • [Jungfrau] has snow and ice 365 days per year, Europe's highest railway station
    • [Schilthorn] was visited by James Bond
    • Lakes (watersports, swimming, boat trips), waterfalls
    • Excellent opportunities for hiking in this area (hiking is free in Switzerland, unlike most of the adventure activities)

[edit] Previous events at Interlaken

  • [EuroCrypt 2004]
  • LUG-Camp 2007 (about 100 visitors, took place in Interlaken's dry dock, sleeping facilities at nearby camping site)
  • ICCCR 2004 (Ok, with 20'000 visitors slightly bigger, took place on the airport)
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