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How to get to Managua, Nicaragua

Below are the means of arriving to Managua from other countries. Keep in mind, that all this data can change without notice. Therefore it is highly recommended that you personally check all the facts and details before you make any travel arrangements!


[edit] Visas

For all the visa-related information, please see:

[edit] Customs rules

Customs related information

[edit] From the U.S.A.

[edit] Direct flights

[edit] Atlanta

  • 1 daily direct flight with Delta. Travel time: 3 hr 57 min. Aprox. cost ~$660.

[edit] Fort Lauderdale

  • 3 weekly direct flights with Spirit Airlines. Travel time: 2 hr 39 min. Aprox. cost ~$110.

[edit] Houston

[edit] Miami

  • 2-3 daily direct flights with American Airlines. Travel time: 2 hr 36 min. Aprox. cost ~$400.
  • 1-2 daily direct flights with TACA. Travel time: 2 hr 36 min. Aprox. cost ~$400.

[edit] From Central America

[edit] Costa Rica

[edit] By plane

  • 2 daily flights with Taca(Avianca/Lacsa). The cost can vary from $350 USD to $600 USD. Duration of flight is 1,5 hrs.
  • 1 daily flight with [1] for $300 USD aprox. On July, the weather may affect the schedules. "Nature air" uses light aircraft.

[edit] By Bus

  • TicaBus One-way $26 USD, round-trip $52USD - First class: $38USD and $76USD Roundtrip, departure: 03:00 Arrival: 12:00 TicaBus website
  • TransNica - One-way $26,67 USD, round-trip $53,35 - First class One-way $36,75 USD, round-trip $73,5 USD. Departure 04:00, 05:00 (airport stop) , 09:00 (airport stop). Duration: 7 hours. :00 website
  • KingQuality One-way $44 USD, roundtrip $79 USD. Departure: 03:00 Arrival 11:00 awful flash Website

[edit] By car

  • On National Car Rental you can rent a car in San Jose and drop off at Peñas Blancas website Then, you must rent another car at Budget there website

[edit] El Salvador

[edit] By Plane

  • 4 direct daily flights with Taca and several more with stops on Guatemala, and San Jose(Costa Rica)

[edit] By Bus

  • TicaBus One-way $30USD, round-trip $60USD - First class: $60USD and $120USD Roundtrip, departure: 05:00 Arrival: 16:00 TicaBus website
  • KingQuality flash Website(I can not copy the details flash-only website :( )

[edit] Guatemala

[edit] By plane

  • 3 daily flights with Taca (see itineraries), 2hr flight, layover in San Salvador, El Salvador. Aprox. cost $320.
  • 2 direct flights with Copa (see itineraries), 1.10hr flight, no stops. Aprox. cost $433.

[edit] By bus

  • Ticabus - Departures from Guatemala City: 5:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Sleepover in El Salvador (arrives to El Salvador: 10:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m). Departure from El Salvador: 5:00 a.m. Arrives to Managua, Nicaragua: Approximately 4 p.m. Round trip: $108.00, Border fees: $5-$20.
  • King Quality - Departures from Guatemala City: 4:00 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. No sleepover in El Salvador. Departure from El Salvador: 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Arrives to Managua, Nicaragua: 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Round trip: $130.00, Border fees: $5-$20.

[edit] By car

Route from Guatemala City to Managua:

Ask for details about their policy about traveling outside the country in the car. Alamo and Dollar have offices in Managua.

[edit] Panamá

See Visa information for Panamá.

[edit] By plane

  • 2 daily flights with Taca(Avianca). The cost varies a lot but at this moment is $650 aproximately. Duration of flight is 4 hours (layover in San José, Costa Rica).

[edit] By bus

  • 1 daily bus. The executive class, includes food and, costs $176.10 (round trip). The entire trip will take 24 hours. Some taxes and other costs crossing frontiers will be no more than $10. See Ticabus schedule.

[edit] From Asia-Pacific

[edit] From South-East Asia

From Indonesia


From Malaysia


[edit] From Middle Asia

[edit] Getting to the venue once you arrived

[edit] Location of the Venue and Accommodation facilities

[edit] Universidad Centroamericana (venue)

The conference will be held at the Universidad Centroamericana. Photos: DebConf12/Venue.

  • Adress: Rotonda Rubén Darío, 150 metros al oeste (Rubén Darío Roundabout, 150 meters to the west). See Nicaraguan Address System.
  • Formal adress: Apartado Postal 69 (post adress)
  • Contact phone: (505) 2278-3923
  • Geographic coordinates: 12.125962 N -86.270453 W OSM
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