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Every passenger arriving Nicaragua has to fill and sign a customs declaration. This form will be provided by your airline or can be obtained at the customs office.

Tax-exempted personal items:

  • Clothing, personal items, toiletries, make-up, recreational items, and medicines in limited quantities which are necessary or appropiate to meet the needs of the passenger.
  • A camera or video recorder.
  • A portable audio recorder and player
  • A portable computer or typewriter.
  • Other items in limited quiantities for personal use only.
  • 20 packets of cigarettes or 50 cigars or 500 prepared sheaves of tobacco and five liters of alcoholic beverages per passenger of legal age.
  • Up to five litters of alcoholic beverages.
  • Up to two kilograms of candies.
  • In addition to the pieces of baggage, goods with a value of up to US$ 500.00.
  • Up to $10,000 in cash or checks - (§20, Law 265)

In addition to baggage, each passenger may enter goods after paying the respective taxes, provided that the commercial value does not exceed US$2,000.00. These goods may not be in commercial quantities and are subject to non-tariff regulations and restrictions in force.

If a passenger enters goods of a value greater than indicated above, the goods must be cleared through a customs agent.

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