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This page contains agendas and links to meeting minutes for DebConf11 IRC and Real Life organizational meetings. For each meeting we collect agenda items prior to the meeting here. As soon as possible after the meeting we try to mail meeting minutes to the relevant lists. Then links are added for each meeting to said minute mail as well as the meetbot logs.

If you add an agenda item, put your name after it so we will know who to poke. Please have some intro prepared for the meeting (even if it is just questions for someone else). Preferably, email -team before the meeting with a summary or questions, for initial discussion there and to save time during the meeting. Ideally, we will have facts before the meeting and can focus on a decision during the meeting.


[edit] Global Team meeting, Tuesday 12 July, 19 UTC

  • network uplink
  • insurance
  • tshirts
  • hotels, rooms + food
  • Debian Day
  • day trip
  • talks schedule
  • budget
  • banners to put into the talks rooms (promised to sponsors)
  • AOB

[edit] Global Team meeting, Tuesday 5 July, 19 UTC

  • final numbers
  • Debian Day: registration needed or not?
  • day trip coordinator (with help from Zoran from tourist office)
  • More money for travel available?
  • AOB

[edit] Global Team meeting, Tuesday 28 June, 19 UTC

  • Debian Day (aroundthfur)
  • Local team report
  • Registration team
  • Talks team
  • AOB

[edit] Global Team meeting, Tuesday 21 June, 19 UTC

  • Local team status report
    • Insurance
  • Talks team status report
  • Travel sponsorship status report
  • Registration report
  • Debian Day
  • Customs handling -- what we expect
  • AOB
    • Travel from Zagreb
    • Network/Infrastructure

[edit] Global Team meeting, Tuesday 14 June, 19 UTC

  • Talks team status report
  • Travel sponsorship status report
  • food+accom sponsorship status mails & reconfirmaion requests
  • People who are in "please select one"
  • Confirmation of attendance status report -- message text, scripts
  • Fundraising team report - how much more should we expect?
  • Timeline for final weeks - what are our real deadlines?
  • Debian Day status report (schedule)
  • Linux Magazine advert status report -- should be sent by now or very soon!
  • Local team status report -- e.g. hotels, t-shirts, bags, accessibility check
  • Networking/infrastructure report -- network plan? projectors, screens? wireless setup [what is already known?] [who is in charge? update DebConf11/Teams page]
  • AOB

[edit] Global Team meeting, Tuesday 7 June, 19 UTC

  • Insurance
  • Confirmation of attendance
  • Travel sponsorship
  • Attendee bags with sponsor logos
  • linuxmagazine ad
  • AOB

[edit] Global Team Meeting, Tuesday 24 May, 19 UTC

  • who will write the summary
  • talks selection
  • Debian Day
  • travel sponsoring decision
  • t-shirt designs
  • other stuff?
  • next meeting

[edit] Global Team Meeting, Tuesday 10 May, 19 UTC

  • who will write the summary
  • Local team update
  • T-shirt status
  • Sponsorship team progress
  • Magazine ads
  • Registration progress
  • Budget team progress
  • Coordination
  • Talks team progress

Meetbot Summary Written Summary

[edit] Global Team Meeting, Monday 25 April, 19 UTC

  • who will write the summary
  • registration / hotels
  • budget
  • decide how much travel sponsorship we'll grant this year
  • define a list (for spi, diva + ffis) who needs read access to our accounting data
  • define a list (for spi, diva + ffis) who will be authorized to acknowledge payments and reimbursements
  • t-shirts, let's get started
  • day trip
  • special dinner - or not?
  • busses - can we really fullfil the promise to pick everyone up by special busses? (both financially as well as orga wise)
  • ...
  • next meeting, when?

Written Summary Meetbot Summary Log

[edit] Global Team Meeting, Monday 11 April, 19 UTC

  • who writes the summary
  • DC10 final report (?)
  • Local updates
    • Accommodation
    • Food
    • Venue
  • Registration - anything else to do now, and registration@dc.o setup
  • Talks - anything else to do now, and talks@dc.o set up
  • Sponsorship team
    • How many have been contacted so far? How many people are actively working on this?
    • deadline for sponsors? how much time would it take to prepare t-shirts, bags, LM ad etc?
  • Budget - How much is known yet? Establish that expenses need to be communicated as soon as they are known. Right now we have little idea how much stuff will cost
    • Cash flow - when are payments due?
    • SPI / FFIS payment setups.
  • Cooperation with debian publicity team.
  • DebConf12/Dates - pick option, or decide when to, or delegate decision.
  • Next meeting/Any Other Business

Notes, log,

[edit] Sponsorship Team Meeting, 7 April 19:00 UTC

  • who writes the summary
  • quote from h01ger: "we need to: send out cfp, open registration - deadline for both: may 8th, 23:59 UTC"
  • Next meeting/Any Other Business

[edit] Global Team Meeting, 29 March 20:00 UTC

  • Report backs
  • Local updates
    • Accommodation - can we decide on the hotels?
    • Food - Bosna or prod on venue more?
    • Venue - Anything new?
  • Registration
    • Decide on a registration plan (requires local knowledge)
    • pricetag for professional attendees
  • statement of agreement how to handle dc11 between diva & debian: DebConf11/NGOMoney
  • CfP
  • Add FAQ page to website, and add all additional questions/answers
  • not working/what's happening with list of people who need visas?
  • Next meeting/Any Other Business

[edit] Sponsorship Team Meeting, 24 March 20:00 UTC

  • Sponsorship levels
    • Local Team proposed DC9 sponsorship levels
  • Media sponsor
    • Define category
    • Requirements and benefits
    • Should we include it in brochure?
  • basic workflow, as of last year
  • Sponsorship strategy paper session & documentation
    • What was last years strategy?
    • Brainstorming and idea gathering
  • agreement paper diva+debconf11/debian

[edit] Global Team Meeting, 8 March 20:00 UTC

  • DC10 final report status
  • PentaBarf (setting registrations opening date)
  • NGO's
  • Sponsorships
  • Local team updates
  • Sponsorship team status
  • Next meeting/Any Other Business

[edit] Global Team Meeting, 22 February 20:00 UTC

  • Local team updates
  • DebConf10 final report status
  • Sponsorship team status
  • Next meeting/Any Other Business

[edit] Global Team Meeting, Tuesday 8 February 20:00 UTC

[edit] Global Team Meeting (organisational), Tuesday 25 January 20:00 UTC

  • Who does what for DC11. See DebConf11/Teams
  • For each team, establish who wants to be on it, who wants to be the primary contact person, and who experienced can advise any possible new team members.
  • Rough timelines for each team so they know how urgently to work on stuff.

Record: human summary (minimal) Meetbot summary logs

[edit] Global Team Meeting, Tuesday 11 January 20:00 UTC

  • DC10 report report
  • Sponsor packages and media sponsors category
  • Organizational / new member meeting - should we wait for another meeting?
    • DebConf teams (we already have some teams made, but as @darst mentioned, maybe we need to refresh this list?)
  • Poster session - decisions related to sponsors. Can sponsors have a poster on display (other decisions can come later)
  • Make other currently needed mails (sponsors, accommodation, travel, etc.)
  • Standards of respect policy - use it?
  • DebConf12 decision process (this was not discussed at this meeting)
  • DebConf delegates ? (this was not discussed at this meeting)
  • Next meeting - organizational, and business.
  • Any other business

Records: human summary Meetbot notes log

[edit] Global Team Meeting, Tuesday 7 December 20:00 UTC

Location: #debconf-team IRC channel on the OFTC network

  • News from meeting with Government
  • Status report how assigned tasks are coming along (website, sponsorship, etc)
  • Sponsorship ( LinuxMagazine, Microsoft, and others want more info - make sponsorship brochures? )
  • Send official invitations (Mark Shuttleworth, Richard Stallman etc ...)
  • Schedule for DC12 meetings/decision process
  • Any other business
  • Next meeting

[edit] Global (including Local) Team Meeting Friday 12 November, 19:00 GMT+1

Location: IRC #debconf-team on OFTC

  • Planning and start phase of DebConf11 website
  • Assembling teams and assigning duties
  • Planing sponsorship campaign
  • Design sponsorship brochure for global and local market
  • Making a final list of requests for Government and what is expected from them
  • Establishing relations between DC11 local team and Debian press release
  • Any Other Business
  • Next meeting
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