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P2 is a flash storage format used by some Panasonic cameras instead of tapes. These instructions are written for the AG-HPX171 cameras. Others may behave differently.

We have 2 * 32 GB cards for each camera, storing about 4.5 hours of DV. After each morning or afternoon session you should delete recordings on the card that were successfully recorded to disk.

[edit] Browsing and deleting recordings

The controls are mostly on the left hand side of the eyepiece.

  • Switch between CAM (camera) and MCR (memory card review?) modes using the MODE button at the back of the camera
  • In MCR mode you will see a thumbnail view of recordings on the card(s). A yellow border indicates your cursor position and a yellow highlight at the top right of the display shows the card which the recording is on.
  • In the thumbnail view:
    • Move cursor: press joystick left/right
    • Play recording: press joystick up
    • Select recording: press joystick in (it will then have a cyan border).
    • Delete selected: press MENU and use joystick to select OPERATION, DELETE.
    • Delete all recordings on card: press MENU and select OPERATION, FORMAT, SLOTn
  • In the playback view:
    • Pause: press joystick in
    • Move backward/forward: press joystick left/right
    • Return to thumbnail view: press joystick down
  • Press the MODE button to return to CAM mode.
    • Sometimes this puts you into PC mode. You may need to turn the camera off and on again.

[edit] Status lights

  • Solid orange: selected for recording
  • Flashing orange: recording
  • Solid green: spare
  • Flashing green: full
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