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[edit] Operating the camera

  • Record button (right, near the back, or on top; there are only two red buttons on the camera): use when the talk starts.
  • Zoom: "T" - "W" rockers on top of the handle, or to the right of the camera. The rocker on top will zoom with a constant speed (speed can be selected with slide to the right of the handle); the rocker to the right of the camera will zoom faster if you apply more pressure. Manual zoom is much faster than automatic, but video might loose focus for a short time, so if you use it, keep it quite slow.

Best not to touch anything else.

[edit] There are black moving zebra stripes all over the screen!

This is an aid to help you recognize where the recorded image is especially white. It won't show up in the stream. While it can be switched off, it's a useful aid to help you produce a better image.

[edit] The camera sometimes takes a while to focus

You can force it to autofocus now by using the "push auto" button at the left front of the camera. Alternatively, just wait a few seconds -- the camera will eventually catch up.

[edit] The zoom doesn't work!

This camera can be put in manual or auto ("servo") zoom. There is a switch to the left of the camera, just in front of the LCD. If you want to zoom manually, use the ring at the lens.

Note that the first ring is the zoom, and the second is the focus, take care because it's easy to confuse one with the other. The zoom ring has orange numbers, the focus ring has none.

[edit] The colors are awful!

Calibrate the white balance by using the forward-facing button behind the lens that reads "AWB".

DO NOT DO THIS DURING A TALK! The result will look very weird.

[edit] More information

The specific model is AG-HPX171.

See the cameras' manual for any further questions.

Audio input should be line level.

Output must be DV, for firewire capture to work. Press the Menu button (next to the eyepiece) to change camera settings.

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