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[edit] How to suggest possible guest speakers for DebConf

If you want the Content team considering inviting a speaker to talk at DebConf, *please answer all the following questions* and send an email to The subject of the mail should be something like: "Inviting speaker <speaker name>".

  1. Name of the speaker.
  2. What is the topic we would invite this person to talk about?
  3. How is this topic related to Debian or DebConf?
  4. How this talk benefits Debian or DebConf?
  5. Small bio of this person (in the part concerning the topic mentioned above)
  6. Does this person have any affiliation to Debian or another project we should know about?
  7. Do you know where this person is based? Do you know about the willingness of this person to come to DebConf? (clearly it's easier to invite nearby speakers that flying somebody from the another side of the world)

The guest should accept DebConf and Debian's CoC.

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