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[edit] DebConf content team

[edit] Tasks and responsibilities

  • Schedule scheme
  • Call for proposals
  • Events selection and scheduling
  • Inviting guest speakers
  • Debian day program
  • Anything else related to the content of the conference

[edit] Current members

As of 2018 ""

As of 2015

  • Team Lead:
    • René Mayorga
  • Team Advisor:
    • Ana Guerrero López
  • Team Shadow:
    • TBD
  • Local team liaisons:
    • Michael Banck
    • Maximiliano Curia
  • Other members:
    • Tássia Camões Araújo
    • Martín Ferrari
    • Gunnar Wolf
    • Ana Carolina Comandulli
    • Rafael Rivas "tato"
    • Santiago Ruano Rincón
    • Jonathan Bustillos "jathan"
    • Andreas Tille

[edit] Processes

How to suggest possible guest speakers for DebConf

FIXME: review/update the following content from the DebConf Manual

[edit] Schedule

Draft schedule for DC15

FIXME: Put somewhere, in the DC manual: Keep meal-time free from official/video-recorded events (it might already be in FrequentProblems)

[edit] Timeline

FIXME: Integrate team timeline in Timeline.

[edit] Resources

  • IRC: #debconf-content@oftc
  • Mail alias
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