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The DebConf Partecipant Assistance Team is a virtual team around the registration system. In reality it is composed by many sub-teams. The purpose of the team is provide assistance to attendees (registration, visa, front desk), support registrations (bursaries, room assignment), to tune the registration system (announcement, handling data, help on setup), and also to provide help and data to other teams (e.g. for food planing, for statistics, etc.).


[edit] DebConf Participant Assistance Team

The team is composed by two nearly independent teams: registration and bursaries.

The registration team handles the registration system and help attendees. You are free to help us: we have many different tasks (of various duration, technicality and complexity). Just partecipate at debconf-team meeting (or read the minutes for eventual call for help), or from just before opening registration join #debcong-team IRC channel and get into contact to us; or during the DebConf, you can visit us at Front Desk.

The bursaries committee approves the sponsorship requests. The members of this committee must represent the diversity of Debian and DebConf, and possibly they should commit for several years. Selection procedure: TBD.

Finally the team is coordinated by the people listed below. Feel free to send them comments, requests, complains.

  • Team lead: nattie
  • Team shadows: cate
  • Team advisers:

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[edit] Tasks and responsibilities

The tasks, responsibility and ideal time size of registration team and bursaries committee:

  • Registration team: Remote: 3-8 members, from one ca. month before registration opens until final report is finished. Few members should contribute also on-site.
    • Remote tasks:
      • Handle registration system
      • Answer email to registration@dc.o, and possibly dc-discuss and #debconf channel
      • Send announcements about registration system
      • Help to have consistent and valid data, contacting attendees, correcting data
      • Forward relevant data (and changes) to other teams (to talks, rooms assignments, bursaries, food, anti-harassment, finance, etc.)
    • Additional tasks on site, during DebCamp and DebConf:
      • Control and help the Front Desk
    • Front Desk: 3-8 on-site volunteers, in shifts, during DebConf
      • Registration of attendees
      • Give out bags and other items to attendees
      • Give information to attendees
      • Provide some logistical assistance to the whole team (as contact point, storage, keys)
    • Visa: 2-4 remote members, best from end of previous conference to DebConf
      • Check regulations for visa, write help pages on how to acquire visa
      • Handle visa@dc.o mails and provide support to serious attendees.
      • At minimum one person should be a local, willing to sign invitation letters.
    • Room assignment 1-2 remote members from reconfirmation periods, 1-2 local members (ev. delegated to front desks) during DebCamp/DebConf
      • Assign rooms to sponsored attendees and attendees who request DebConf accommodations
      • Handle last minute changes
    • Feedback management:
      • Handle the feedback@dc.o mail
      • Provide summary to chairs and orga
    • Childcare:
      • facilitate the contact of people interesting in childcare
  • Bursaries committee: 4-8 remote members, from registration opening to end of DebConf (+ help on writing Final Report)
    • Set up rules for fair food, accommodation and travel sponsorship
    • Handle attendees' sponsorship requests confidentially
    • Choose/rate/... sponsored people with the amounts, type (food accommodation, travel)
    • Possibly help other teams to give sponsorship with special funds (with special rules), e.g. newcomers, diversity, etc. (potential sub-sub-team)
    • Contact finance team for budget amounts on a regular basis; Facility and local team for local volunteers list
    • Some members should be available for late special requests (speakers, local volunteers) and for possible newly-available funds (e.g. due to cancellations)

[edit] Current members

[edit] Processes

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[edit] Timeline

[edit] Resources

  • [], for general requests
  • [], for help for applying for a visa and for invitation letters
  • ...

[edit] Meetings

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