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[edit] Front desk rota

DebConf7/Rota#Venue Rota tells you when you should be on the desk

[edit] Arrival at desk

[edit] Checking people in

  • Go through checklist on entrance
  • Give directions to hostels and check-in info
    • cowgate: checkin after 2, before 10:30
    • bb: open 24 hours
  • Lunch is 12pm - 2:30pm
  • Dinner is 5pm - 7pm
  • Tell people to wear badges at all times
  • Kick out time is 22:30, building closes 23:00 at latest, other hacklab opens later
  • People with unused dinner tickets should give them back

[edit] Extra info people might want to know

[edit] Money stuff

  • If someone is marked as not having sponsored accomodation but has a hotel booking, you need to take money from them. Cost is £12 per night. Enter number of nights in NSH nights (Non-sponsored hotel), and amount paid in 'Paid amount'. Try to get money sooner than later!
  • Ana has been organising room allocations, so contact her if someone turns up on the wrong date

[edit] Bus stuff

Coming from Waverly Station, go out on Princes Street, walk to Mound Street, catch bus no. 2/27/23/41. Teviot hall is the Students union building at University of Edinburgh in Bistro Square

[edit] End of day

  • Make sure that on call person has the cash box before you leave (better if someone who lives in Edinburgh takes it instead of taking to a hostel)

[edit] Day Trip Drama

  • Cost for NON-SPONSORED people is 20GBP PER PERSON.
  • Food sponsored people can turn in BOTH meal tickets for Wednesday and pay 10 GBP. If they don't have their tickets, they must pay 20 GBP.
  • Details in Wiki page yet to come
  • Click on the ticky box in Entrance that they have paid.
  • Remind them to update their registration information through PentaBarf - they will need to manually say "yes" to attending the DayTrip.
  • Questions can come to Moray or Patty.
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