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[edit] Everything you never want to know about the network setup for DebConf7



( If you do it we risk losing our internet connection. And do you want to explain to like 350 Geeks that they do not have internet thanks to you? )

[edit] DHCP

Make sure to NOT run a dhcp server!

If you absolutely need to, for some internal qemu/vmware thing - MAKE SURE THAT IT ONLY LISTENS ON INTERNAL INTERFACES.

You know, god doesn't kill kittens for a dhcp server - it kills puppies!

[edit] Network

You will receive an IP address in the range - (wired) or - (wireless).

The wireless essid is DebConf7

[edit] Login required

If you are using wireless your first connection to the internet will ask you for a login (once per mac address). You should have got this password during your registration at our infodesk after you signed the university access policy to get access to networking.

If you forgot your password you can use wired network to access to look for it. It is only shown (in the General tab) if you had agreed to the networking rules at our infodesk.

[edit] Main machine

The main machine is called It runs an smtp relay server, see below for instructions on how to use it.

[edit] Video streaming

There will be a local video stream server and access to video streams of DebConf going to hosts outside our network are redirected to the internal video stream server, to not fill our link. We will tell you the right address to use within this network before the streaming starts.

[edit] Local mirror

There is a local debian mirror, pushed twice a day for updates, available. The sources.list entries look similar to

deb etch main contrib non-free

just replace etch with what you want to load.

The mirror also contains some other archives, some of them also updated automagically. (Like

The mirror directory is nfs exported, you can mount it from homer. Be careful if you go and switch from wired to wireless network (or vice versa), you are changing ip addresses. NFS might not like you then.

[edit] NAT

You are behind a NAT gateway. Depending on your use of wired/wireless networking you will find yourself coming from one of the following addresses: wired wireless

[edit] SMTP Relay

We are running an smtp relay as you will find that outgoing smtp is blocked.

The SMTP relay listens at and relays the mail via the mail servers.

This relay needs authentication! The user/password is the same you use for wireless usage!

[edit] postfix configuration

relayhost =
smtp_sasl_auth_enable = yes
smtp_sasl_password_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/sasl_passwd

sasl_passwd:	<user>:<pass>

[edit] exim4 configuration


[edit] IRC

If you are using IRC from within our network you will find that (and so is sending you to a server called This is a local machine for your convience, thanks to the OFTC guys who run the ircd on it.

The official DebConf IRC channel is #debconf at (

[edit] NTP should give you some data.

[edit] Public Build machine

There are two hosts available that can be used by everyone here to build stuff on. The first machine is called and has some 150G free space for you in /org, which is 1777. The mirror is mounted on /mirror and if you want packages installed you have sudo rights for aptitude. But coordinate with other users if you remove packages.

The second is called and has some less disk space. You can use it as a build machine if you want, but it also runs distcc opened for our whole network.

[edit] Monster host

There is a nice little machine, 32 cores, 16G ram available. Login to sparky and have fun.

[edit] Server Authentication (SSH)

Access to the two hosts are handled via the ud-ldap. If you want access simply tell Ganneff your GPG keyid (and preferred login name) in IRC (query) and you will receive a mail with your login data. If you did this already last year - the login is still valid. Should you not remember your password see on how to get a new one.

[edit] distcc

maggie runs distcc, feel free to use it.

[edit] Video streaming

No matter if you are an attendee or watching from somewhere external, there is only one link to watch our streams:

Its using geodns so you always get the right (and a working) server.

[edit] Games

There is a games server available, its name is (noone would have guessed) - games. Currently it runs a wesnoth server, if you need more - talk to Ganneff.

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