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[edit] General

[edit] Directions

[edit] Getting to the Venue from YUL Airport

If you would like to have a shuttle service arranged, please send an email to with your flight details. While we can't guarantee anything at this stage, we'll try our best to assist you.

[edit] Public Transport

[edit] Car rental

[edit] Weather & clothing

[edit] Medical

[edit] On and Around Campus/Venue

[edit] Map

[edit] Cash Machines/ATM

Canada has it's own interbank system called Interac (

Quebec is a very proud and independent region and for many historical reasons they want to stand on their own, which is why they support their local systems.

Some vendors will support only Interac for debit card transactions (at least this was the case when I stayed there the beginning of this decade, it might have changed a bit). *Most* vendors (including supermarkets like Provigo, Metro, etc) will accept major credit and debit cards, although Mastercard isn't accepted as widely there as Visa is. So, if you have one of both, load up your Visa card instead of your Mastercard or get a prepaid Visa card from your bank. They support chip cards everywhere so don't worry about that. If you have a 5 digit pin on any of your cards and a vendor asks you for a 4 digit pin, it will work 90%+ of the times if you just enter the first 4 digits, but it's usually a good idea to go change your pin to a 4 digit just to be safe.

Forex charges/commissions - That depends on a few factors, but a good basic rule of thumb is, pay for as much as you can on a Visa card and minimize your cash usage if you want to minimize transaction costs.

ATM charges will be equivalent to South Africa on an ATM with all the usual Visa/Mastercard/Maestro/etc symbols. If you see an ATM with only an Interac logo, it will probably either charge you more or just won't work with your card (but I wouldn't take the chance, it's not fun when an ATM swallows your card in a foreign country).

[edit] Power Adaptors

[edit] Sim Cards

[edit] Parking

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