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[edit] Information

For sponsored accommodation, we will use two student residences: Muñoz Torrero, and Francisco de Sande.

Muñoz Torrero is also the venue where the talks will be present.

[edit] Residencia Universitaria “Diego Muñoz Torrero“

176 beds in twin rooms (140 beds for us)

Pics from the visit of some orga team members of Muñoz Torrero are available at and following.

We have a map overlay of the venue, residences, and other key points.

Web searching reveals the following:

For the first one, talks about Diego Muñoz Torrero having 176 places in twin rooms (with photos available from the links on the left of the page)

Shorcut to the rooms pics: and

[edit] Colegio Mayor "Francisco de Sande"

Francisco de Sande (FdS) is the second residence. They have single and twin rooms (74 beds)

Practical information, see: DebConf9/Francisco_de_Sande

[edit] FAQ / open questions

  • Q: My company pays, can I still get accomodation and meals with the crowd?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: How can I indicate in penta, that I want a single room?
  • A: Enter your room preferences in the "Room preference" box on the "general" page in your profile in penta.
  • Q: do the rooms have their own WCs or are shared with other rooms?
  • A: the rooms of Muñoz Torrero have their own WCs, the room of Francisco de Sande are shared
  • Q: I asked for sponsored accomodation but I'm coming in company, who will pay him/herself. Can we share a room?
  • A: Yes. Just indicate this in penta as above.
  • Q: What does "Corporate (1000€/week)", "Professional (300€/week)" and "Non-hosted Independent" mean?
  • A: The first kind of attendees helps us a whole lot, the second covers the cost and also helps us. Both get accomodation provided by us, while the third type arranges accomodation for her/himself.

[edit] Recommended / suggested hotels

Discussed hotels on the localteam list [1]:

(12 minutes walking from the venue):

(20 minutes walking):

For the first two, "I already check and web prices are cheaper than in situ prices. If you need something cheaper, then we have to look for hostels, but don't expect it to be a lot cheaper."

[edit] General

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