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[edit] Postprocessing ToDo for the DebConf8 recordings

  • edrz and h01ger: have a copy of all dv files..
    • go through the deleted files on and confirm they can really go away
    • merge files which need merging
      • add those files to penta
      • remove the single pieces from the filesystem and then from penta, same with the transcodings
  • h01ger
    • note existing tape IDs here or somewhere else, together with the names, locations and dates of the events
      • holger has the following tapes: 216, 218, 221, 223, 226, 227, 229, 230, 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, 237, 238, 239, 241, 242, 243, 245, 251, 265, 266, 270, 275, 286, 288, 289, 290, 291, 293, 301, 304, 307, 310, 313, 316, 317, 318, 319, 320, 325, 326, 342, 343, 345, 347, 352, 355, 356, 357, 359
      • encode "spi bof" (223)
      • encode "Method diffusion in large volunteer projects" (232)
    • give karora a postgresql dump of names, locations and dates of the events, so he can generate nice stats
      • Total: 412 GB is what our video master relay (krusty.dc.o) had on traffic during the conference. 321G of it outgoing, 90.9G incoming. (Thats only icecast traffic and only to(/from) other relays.)

[edit] other ToDo

  • holger

    • make sure Q, madduck, xerakko, luk, Yoe and edrz take their stuff back and note it in the videoteam and debian hw pages
    • dc7: check/ulpload 11g hdv ceilidh
    • copy dc7 archival versions to a 500gb debconf-videoteam hd...
      • check if this is all on one hd atm
    • sha256sum of all content, updated regularly + signed
  • put redirects from .ogg to .ogv in .htaccess (and confirm they work)
  • des (this is mostly all fine for this year but would be good to improve for next year)
    • fixing the wrong inserted datetimes
    • own schedule view
    • make /video/$path file:/// links in penta (ask holger..)
  • edrz
    • salon del mar stream is called "no name" (in xine, but probably elsewhere?)
    • ezstream on apu and daffy: what user to run as?, create playlist generation script, cron it (currently running as eric on apu feeding krusty a playlist of dc7 oggs)
    • rsync transcoded oggs to daffy (for ezstream which will run continuously so we don't want it on barney eating bandwidth while we're recording)
    • clean up icecast status.xsl pages, propagate to lisa, crusty and relays (via Ganneff)
  • create cheatcheets
    • server: document properly that barney always needs a keyboard attached (otherwise it wont come back after reboot)
    • dvswitch
    • cam 1-4
    • audio mixer 1
    • audio mixer 2
    • twinpact: analog in on the twinpact is the composite RCA input. rgb is the vga cable. needs to be set to rgb..
      • document dip switch settings we use.
    • behringer speaker mic: if the red light is on on the receiver the battery is low and should be changed

[edit] debconf-video package todo, this list should be moved elsewhere

    • rsync to mrwhite via cronjob
      • rsync -e ssh -av --delete /video/* mrwhite:/video/ ; rsync -av --delete /video/* /video.bak0/
    • rsync to backup hd in the morning
    • rsync to homer for local audience
      • nice rsync -e ssh -av /video/archival/* homer:/srv/ftp/upload/video/
    • kill during daytime: transcoding cronjob (or use less cpus)
    • rsync to apu, rsync -e ssh -vvv foofiles apu:/foopath/
    • create rss feeds
    • transcoding doesnt work for ntsc-dvd and pal-dvd versions, see #490272
    • create room sub dirs (bug in dvsink-files)
  • minor/later stuff
    • faiify
    • dvswitch in audio group on mrwhite
    • cronjob on barney
      • barney:etc/exports
      • mount /video on daffy
      • cd /video ; mkdir high low archival dv ntsc-dvd pal-dvd
    • start ezstream as nobody from cronjob, which restarts it if its down
    • ezstream 2nd cronjob: check for new files to stream
    • start stuff in screen
    • team can haz log file access on our machines pleaz?
    • superproper authorized keys for dc8video user
    • put pass=2 in /etc/fstab on selma, itchy, scratchy, patty
    • disable console bell/switch to visual bell/disconnect PC speakers?
    • libshout3 to bpo
    • dvsink-command "ffpmeg2theora | oggfwd" doesn't die on it's own, so repeated dc-start-sink icecast invocations cause encoders to pile up on daffy. currently they have to be killed manually on daffy.
    • we probably need a dvi -> vga adaptor for a few presenters.
<edrz> [02:15:13] h01ger: ssh commands used by what ---
<edrz> [02:15:16] dc_do_transcoding: opens ssh pipe w/popen daffy -> barney
<edrz> [02:15:16] dc_start_sink:
<edrz> [02:15:16]   dvsink-command (selma -> daffy & scratch -> daffy)
<edrz> [02:15:16]     ffmpeg2theora | oggshout
<edrz> [02:15:16]   dvsink-files (selma -> barney & scratcy -> barney)
<edrz> [02:15:18] dc_start_source:
<edrz> [02:15:21]   dvsource-firewire:
<edrz> [02:15:23]     dvgrab

[edit] Wishlist / Notes / unsorted

  • update our hardware on
  • penta video controller wishes
    • a doc in the wiki
    • DC8 wishlist flag in penta for events not to be video'ed :)
    • DC8 wishlist: finer groups in penta: everybody should be able to assign for (certain) videoteam jobs. but not everybody should be able to mark files for deletion..
    • DC8 wishlist we should be able to see when events were submitted and give priority to the earlier ones
    • fully automated workflow: automatic encoding, upload (of previews) to apu, rating them in penta and set cut marks, cutting them, final encodings, final uploads
  • run cmmlbot in talkroom irc channels
  • dirac encoding for archives
  • schedule bot w/o non-talk releated spam in talk room irc channels.
  • debconf-video package wishlist items for post dc8 (probably move these to TODO in svn)
    • debconf-video alioth tracker for wishlist items, etc.
    • add usage to debconf-video scripts
    • man pages for scripts
    • option to run dvsource-file from dc-start-sources

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