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Often people express their thanks about the videoteam to me (Holger), as I mostly announce the stuff we are doing. But the results are the work of a whole team of people, so I figured I set up this page, so you can express your thanks here and every team member can look at it and smile.

The setup was done during DebCamp by amaya, anto, dererk, des, edrz, h01ger, karora, Q, tassia, tincho2, Womble2, (plus maxy, zer0, Ganneff, sgran and mhy as "external supporters", plus others from the localteam..). Local volunteers for DebConf are: diego, german, lisandro, lucas, marcos, martin, melissa, nueces, and tomas.

So if you have been enjoying the videos, please make a statement here :-)

(Suggestions for next year are best made at DebConf9/Videoteam, we'll look at that page later and clean it up / move the content to somewhere appropriate.)

-- Shellz

Thank for stream team, gracias ;)

-- mick

Thank you so much for providing the feeds, I really wanted to make it this year but I couldn't. You guys are awesome. :)

-- lamby

Enjoying the live videos (as well as the replays), many thanks

-- daven

Thanks for the hard work on the streams, it's really nice to be able to watch the talks from here!

-- DrWeb

Amazingly cool to be live at the conference via the stream. Thanks a lot to the video team :)

--- vicm3

Truly grateful to all on video team... the streaming is a very good way to almost catch with the conference even not being with you. Keep the excellent work!

-- Ali3n0

Guys, thanks a lot for the good job: audio and video quality are excellent!

-- charlie_

A lot of hard work obviously went into this and it looks professional and well-produced. Quite valuable!

-- joeyh

-- elmargol 

Thank you for the streams. Will there be downloadable recordings after debconf?

  Yes. Watch :-)  -- h01ger

-- michi

So because of a surgery, I have to stay at home for a week. A really huge thank you for providing me with something better than the TV broadcasting of the Olympics.


Superb job! Real life ($kids++) prevented me from attending, but thanks to the nice video stream, I am almost there. I am not a professional in the area, but still I find your work to be very impressive. Thank you very much!

-- Tolimar

I enjoy watching the streams and participating via irc. Many thanks, you are doing an fantastic job!

-- dann frazier 

So far the streams are working flawlessly! I feel like I'm there.. well, minus the jetlag and hangover :)

-- Lunar

Many many thanks. Debian has one of the best video coverage of many free software conference I have seen. You made the tools that you really needed along the years, and that makes quite a difference! I hope the postprocessing will be fine: it is really useful!

-- PowerMan

I wanted to thank the people in the videoteam who are giving us (the DC8 volunteers) the opportunity to _really_ feel part of it, even managing the audio and video in it's most critical parts.

-- danielsan

Very nice work! With the picture in picture of the slides it's almost like being there. And many thanks to all involved!

--Kragen Javier Sitaker

I really appreciate the whole video setup. I've so often been frustrated by not being able to go to conferences (because of being in Argentina, not having money at the time, whatever) and not being able to recommend talks I've seen in person to people who weren't there. So thank you very much! ☺ ­

-- memnon


Thanks also from a *user*!

Your videos are a superb way to get a feeling what debian is. I like linux but I love debian. All these volunteers working together to build a system, that is truely amazing. I follow the devel mailing lists and the planet closely and now I also got lots of faces for the names ;).

A few months ago, I watched lots of videos from debconf 7. Those really had an impact on how I perceive Debian as a whole.

Debconf is debian at its best: And _you_ show it to everyone who wants! Very important job, and you are really up to it!

-- amaya

You know what's funny?

Streams are also very useful while actually attending Debconf!

Thank you video team! You at times take away the one thing I love the most in this life, but it is so worth it that I couldn't really dare to complain.

-- fst

Thanks videoteam for the live streams, that is really a great service! I'll also enjoy the recordings of those talks that I missed to watch live.

-- fxiny

connected to without problems . amazing stream quality comparing to last year . many many thanx !

 -- enouf

Excellent job team! The Picture-in-Picture presentation == like WOW ;-) nice this way Also; i'm streaming mplayer, on a pentium 2 with a 32MB AGP 2x nvidia/riva tntpro2 wit theh Xorg 'nv' driver;

$ mplayer -vc theora -ac vorbis works for me here - not much set in ~/.mplayer/config, just ao=alsa, cache=4096, some monitor timings ; using version 1:1.0.rc2svn20080531 from DMM, (sid) Thanks guys

 -- Hideo

Thank you! In my case with mplayer, I found that lower cache values, <= 1024 tend to work out better.

' -- That´s me

Thank you ! It´s great to watch it, but it is not possible to watch past events ? I wanna watch the thing with Mr.Ubuntu ;) but didn´t find the video.

 -- MJ Ray

He wrote an article about the video team!

 -- Kenshi Muto

Great Job! I'm enjoying to watch it, even there is a half day time difference between Argentina and Japan :)

-- Habanero

Many thanks, the quality is great and it is nice to be able to 'attend' the conferences from home!

-- Sebas891

Muchas gracias

-- dondelelcaro

Thanks to everyone in the videoteam for once again making Debconf available to all of those who weren't able to join us in Mar del Plata; it's quite nice to be able to have questions from people who are off site (or are just too lazy to actually get up to the talk room.)

We wouldn't have as many stimulating bits of discussion without all of your hard work. Thanks again!

-- Sledge

You guys are awesome! Your hard work has made it possible for Debian people all over the world to take part in Debconf, even if they couldn't make the long trip to Argentina themselves.

-- Florian

Thanks for the great setup, you are just amazing! Giving my talk was just as i expexted to be: absolutely smoothless.

-- medberry

Thanks for the incredible live video streams. I can't say it was like being there--I've never been--but it was absolutely incredible video. Production, mixinng, camera handling, etc. I also greatly appreciate the Video tech talk you gave. Many thanks.

-- Jonathan Roes

I'm following the debconf8 feed right now, and the video and sound quality is excellent. Even more importantly, the picture is very smooth, far beyond most streaming video out there in the world that is usually a big stuttering piece of crap. The picture and picture is also very cool, and works extremely well.

-- madduck

You guys are pros. We certainly have the best video coverage of all conferences I know, not even just Free software. Thank you very very much for all the hard work, and especially for making the videos available so quickly!

-- luisman

Superb job!! I want to learn to do what you do!

-- mat(a)

Thanks for letting us be there, even if we cant make it to Mar del Plata!

-- pabs

The streams were really useful when I was feeling crappy and sitting in bed, thanks!

-- gaudenz

Thanks for the sterams and the fast upload of the recordings!

-- zer0

The streams allowed me not to miss anything, even though i was at the hotel, all the work would not let me get to most of the talks. thanks a lot for an awesome coverage of the whole event. see you next year ;)

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