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We got fancy orange tshirts for video volunteers, yay!

These people should definitly get one. Please not your size after your name. (The ordering is somewhat random and somewhat first come first server - and I put my name last :)

    • xerakko, XXL
    • dererk, XL
    • Q, XL
    • karora
    • amaya, M
    • Womble2, M
    • h01ger, L
    • tassia, medium if it's woman t-shirt. otherwise, the smaller one
    • aurium, S
    • tincho2, L
    • edrz, L
    • des, M
    • anto, S
  • tomas, L
  • 1 M
  • 1 S

Missing are the localteam members who did an awesome preparation work, the network admins, to whom am I also very thankful, as well as probably a bunch of other people :-)

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