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This is the big camera used in Salon del mar and in Microcine.

Model Owner
Panasonic AG-DVC60 Rented


Video format 50Hz 625i / PAL
xlr audio input 2 channels at back
  • Zoom right side with button: speed depends on how hard you press
  • Zoom on top: speed depends on zoom speed setting (Doesn't work in Microcine)
  • Set to rec mode: button on right side switches between vcr and rec
  • Tape is changed on right side
  • rec button is red button on right side
  • power button is on right side
  • Ring can only be used for zoom when auto focus in on
  • Mics input should be set to line.
  • Auto focus behaves strange, use manual focus
  • Camera audio monitor volume can be set after pressing mode for a few seconds
  • When powering up:
    • Zoom to white background and hold white balance button for a few seconds. Screen will turn black for a while.
    • Press the focus button, "MF" should appear
    • Zoom in on speaker area and set focus with the ring
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