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[edit] Feedback

If you have an pentabarf account, you can give [[1]] to the speakers and the organizers.

If you like(d) the streams, please say thanks!

[edit] IRC Channels

IRC channels are available for people watching the streams. These channels are:

  • #debconf-salon_del_mar
  • #debconf-microcine

[edit] OGG podcasts of previous speeches feed

[edit] Current Status

The streams are currently working.

[edit] Known Issues

  • mplayer (at least in the etch and lenny/sid versions) fails to display video from the streams at all, it does seem to play the audio.
  • However, using mplayer -cache 2000 manages to display the video correctly in ~1 out of 3 times. (At least the one from debian-multimedia.)
  • VLC in Debian Etch on AMD64 (VLC in Lenny on AMD64 is OK): crashed accessing one of the streams (but not the other), with the following error message: "*** glibc detected *** corrupted double-linked list: 0x0000000000a40220 ***". Totem played the same stream fine.
  • There is an almost universal lack of implementation of ogg chaining for theora+vorbis streams in viewing clients. Ogg chaining is used by icecast to provide the fallback functionality. This means that your client will most likely choke on the fallback to the playlist stream and also on returning to the live stream when it comes back up. We hope to have the live streams running continuously, so possibly most people will not experience this problem. However, we would like to get support for ogg chaining implemented in as many viewers as possible, so please, if you care about this contact the maintainers or developers of your favorite media player to file a wishlist request. Many of them already support this for vorbis only streams, so it may just be an oversight or something that just hasn't been used very often so far and therefore not noticed much. In any case, please don't tell the debconf-video team about it as we already know. ;)
  • gstreamer-using programs (such as totem-gstreamer) can't play the video streams because 'application/x-ogg-skeleton' data is only handled by the latest CVS gst-plugins-base.
  • Xine (or Totem-xine) works fine, at least in Debian Sid on i386, AMD64 and ia64.
  • ffplay from ffmpeg works fine

[edit] Technical Stuff

The streams are available from which uses RR dns entries to point you to one of the actual relays below.

Users of Microsoft Windows XP should be able to use VLC to view the streams,

[edit] Actual Stream Servers

North America
Internal Stream This stream is only accessible from inside the conference.
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