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(See also DebConf7/VenueRequirements)

stuff we should sort out with the venue to make a firm booking:

availability -- check we're getting the best dates available

price given the following, in the case of Teviot:

  • renting the whole building between set dates (Saturday 9 June--Sunday 24 June inclusive?)
  • allowing us to put in networking from outside, and run cables around the building (preferably via their structured cabling, plugged into our switches)
  • access to comms room N weeks prior to rental period, so we can have BT/NTL/whoever in well before debcamp, and confim existence of bandwidth (N should problably be >2)
  • some hacking space open 24 hours
  • canteen open for two meals a day (perhaps two hours each)
  • bar open in evenings

other issues to check -- needn't be in initial agreement:

  • what installed AV (sound?) equipment / networking is there, can we use this?
  • chairs for the talk rooms, chairs and tables for the hacking rooms - do they have ones we can use (do we need to pay extra?), or should we rent them externally?
  • what are the capacities / power availabilities in different rooms? need to work out room usage based on this.
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